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17335RE: SSNET: 10: Seedy Covenant

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  • Sandra Nosik
    Jun 7, 2014
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      I recently heard a sermon, I believe by David Asscherick, which explained this in a way that made a lot of sense. He pointed out that circumcision was not required by God until after Abraham had tried to fulfill the covenant on his own through Hagar. In some ways it was a way for God to impress upon Abraham that he was not to go it on his own. It must have felt, to Abraham, like God was telling him to whack it off (excuse the slang, but it seems to fit) so that He could prove that Abraham had to depend on God to fulfill the covenant, not himself.

      However, besides this symbolic meaning, when you look up the benefits of circumcision, it also becomes clear that there are some significant health benefits for both the male and the female. One of the most impressive that I found was that women with circumcised partners had a significantly reduced risk of cervical cancer.  There is also a demonstrable decrease in the transmission of sexual diseases including HIV.

      When we translate this to the circumcision of the heart, it seems to me to be quite appropriate. We must whack off our "manhood," our self-sufficiency and pride, so that we can be humble servants of God, ready to do His will and His work. In return, we too will also reap the unexpected benefits of trusting God to lead rather than doing it ourselves.


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      SS Net friends,
      Because my sense of curiosity regards a subject trumps my concern for appropriate discussion, I�m just going to jump right in there and ask my question.  So here it is, complete with caveat: God made a bow of colors in the heavens to remind us of His promise never again to destroy the earth with water.  Beautiful, free, not painful, and there for all to see.
      Within this context the quarterly author introduces another covenant; that of circumcision.  Can anyone explain to me, Why circumcision?  I muse not in disrespect for the Almighty, but this seems to me an unreasonable thing for Him to ask of His people.  What purpose does the deed fulfill?  No one but the man and his wife will (or should) know if he is circumcised, so it can�t be a �sign� to outsiders identifying him as an Israelite.  If there is an allegorical application, I�ve missed it.  The practice is not beautiful (ask any 8-day old baby), it is not �free� if shed blood was involved, it is painful, and it is not a �sign� for all to see, as was the ear-piercing of faithful servants (Exodus 21:5, 6).
      There you have it.  Who will be the first to explain?

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