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Reminder of Mini-Lecture on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 15

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    State Property vs. Private Property in the Workmen s Village of Deir el-Medina Speaker: Virginia da Silva Friday, February 15, 2008 | 7:00 pm Room 142, 5
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      State Property vs. Private Property in the Workmen's Village of Deir el-Medina
      The community of workmen at Deir el-Medina was engaged in the construction and decoration of the kings' and queens' tombs of the New Kingdom. Along with their families, they occupied the town for over 450 years, from the beginning of the 18th Dynasty to the end of the 20th Dynasty. The long period of the village's occupation permitted the proliferation of a group of buildings, whose ownership was, apparently, transmitted without the intervention of the Egyptian state. The object of this presentation is to determine in which circumstances state and private properties coexisted in Deir el-Medina. Through a general linguistic study of the terms for these different types of structures, da Silva distinguishes private assets from official ones, along with their locations. Then she determines how private and state properties were transferred, and how the Egyptian state controlled the transmission of immovable assets in Deir el-Medina.
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