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97Re: ssaha2 v1.0.4

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  • coxtonyj
    May 18, 2007
      Dear Charles/Adam

      I have made the changes necessary to get 'original' SSAHA to compile
      under gcc 4.1.2 and uploaded a new version of the package to this
      group as a gzipped tar file. I suspect my changes replicate the
      patches Conrad Halling was kind enough to make, the link to which
      unfortunately no longer seems to work.

      I have taken the liberty of naming this 'version 3.3' of the SSAHA
      tarball and updating the release dates etc.

      I have verified that this new version compiles successfully with GCC
      4.1.2 under Cygwin and also with GCC 3.2.2 on RedHat 9. The test
      scripts and executables run to completion in both cases. Note that
      for the client/server version I only verified that the code compiled,
      however I did not change any of this code so there is no reason to
      suppose that it won't work.

      I hope this is useful, if there are any problems let me know and I
      will try to find the time to fix them.

      Best Wishes

      Tony Cox

      Dr. Anthony J. Cox
      Principal Scientist
      UK Computational Biology Group
      Illumina Inc.
      Chesterford Research Park
      Little Chesterford, Essex CB10 1XL
      United Kingdom

      --- In ssahausers@yahoogroups.com, Charles Plessy <yahoo@...> wrote:
      > Le Fri, May 04, 2007 at 04:21:54PM +0100, Adam Spargo a écrit :
      > >
      > > Hi,
      > > Sorry if I haven't replied to resent requests in person, all
      > > issues should be solved by this new release:
      > > [1]http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Software/analysis/SSAHA2/
      > > Cheers,
      > > Adam.
      > > --
      > Dear Adam,
      > there is a major difference between SSAHA and SSAHA2: the first is
      > software, and unfortunately the second is not.
      > I would be happy to pacakge SSAHA for the Debian GNU/Linux operating
      > system, but I am not a C programmer, so I can not do anything
      > the patch for GCC 4.0 mentionnend on the homepage of SSAHA. But it
      > to be lost... Do you have a copy somewhere ?
      > Have a nice day,
      > --
      > Charles Plessy
      > Debian-Med packaging team
      > http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-med/
      > Wako, Saitama, Japan
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