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59ssaha-hash: crashes when pathchange?

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  • MaximilianHaeussler
    Feb 2, 2006
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      I have a very very weird problem here. Isolating it took me a couple
      of hours:

      I have to put the hashfiles and the query file in two different

      a) When I run ssaha from the directory where the hash files are
      located, everything works fine.

      b) when I run ssaha from the directory where the query file is
      located, it crashes with the following (not very informative) error
      ssaha: ..//SequenceReader/SequenceReader.cpp:305: const char *
      SourceReaderIndex::extractName(unsigned int): Assertion
      `(nameBuffer_[0]=='>')||(nameBuffer_[0]=='@')' failed.

      It's a standard debian linux box (colinux'ed though), with an ext2
      filesystem. Here are the two command lines:

      a) "ssaha ~/usr/genotrace/odmrna.fa hash.fasta.oikopleura_dioica.001
      -sf hash -ph"
      ----> OK

      b) "ssaha odmrna.fa
      ~/tracedb/od/ssaha/hash.fasta.oikopleura_dioica.001 -sf hash -ph "
      ---> ERROR MESSAGE

      Any ideas on this?!?!

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