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42roundtripping fails for me!

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  • malcookmalcook
    Dec 2, 2003
      I am trying to prove my understanding of SSAHA prior to using it for
      analysis but it is not working as I expect.

      From the Ensemble Tracer Server, I find the Gallus gallus (chicken)
      trace file tux10e07.b1, display its quality clipped fasta sequence

      I then copy the first two complete lines of sequence, and paste them
      into the search box for "Ensembl Trace Server: SSAHA Search Server
      gallus_gallus" (http://trace.ensembl.org/perl/ssahaview?
      server=gallus_gallus) .

      When I search, I expect to find the trace from which I clipped the

      But I get back NO HITS.

      Is my expectation incorrect?

      I have posted this also to Ensemble help.