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4Re: Compilation of client server in EnsemblServer

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  • coxtonyj
    Jun 12, 2002
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      Hi Luca,

      I can't fix the code myself because I don't have access to an IRIX
      machine, but it looks like the problem is again caused by the header
      files etc. for socket code being slightly platform specific.

      Looks like the first few are caused by the fact that signal functions
      under IRIX take a void argument instead of an int. Try the following

      ClientServerUtils.h, line 53: change the ( int ) to ( void )
      SSAHAServer.cpp, lines 108 and 118: change the (int signo) to (void)

      The last one is caused by the MSG_NONBLOCK flag not being defined
      under IRIX. Either delete the '|MSG_NONBLOCK' in line 439 of
      ClientServerUtils.cpp, or just comment out lines 439 to 445
      inclusive - that part of the code is not vital.

      Hope that helps.

      --- In ssahausers@y..., luca.toldo@m... wrote:
      > dear All,
      > I have tried to compile v30 under Irix6.5, using the following
      versions of
      > the GNU environment:
      > GNU Compiler Suite 3.0.4
      > GNU Make 3.79.1
      > Unfortunately, still fails with the errors:
      > ClientServerUtils.cpp: In function `void (* signal(int, void
      > (*)(int)))(int)':
      > ClientServerUtils.cpp:116: cannot convert `void (*)(int)' to `void
      > in assignment
      > ClientServerUtils.cpp:129: cannot convert `void (*)()' to `void (*)
      > in return
      > ClientServerUtils.cpp:130: cannot convert `void (*)()' to `void (*)
      > in return
      > ClientServerUtils.cpp: In function `void (* Signal(int, void
      > (*)(int)))(int)':
      > ClientServerUtils.cpp:137: comparison between distinct pointer
      types `void
      > (*)(int)' and `void (*)()' lacks a cast
      > ClientServerUtils.cpp: In member function `void
      > SocketInterface::checkSocketEmpty()':
      > ClientServerUtils.cpp:439: `MSG_NONBLOCK' undeclared (first use this
      > function)
      > ClientServerUtils.cpp:439: (Each undeclared identifier is reported
      > once for each function it appears in.)
      > *** Error code 1 (bu21)
      > any change to get it fixed ?
      > regards
      > luca
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