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37Re: [ssahausers] Re: SSAHA client/server binary compile probs

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  • Will Spooner
    Apr 17, 2003
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      On Wed, 16 Apr 2003, jlim1197 wrote:

      > I'm having problems compiling the code under various machines. Has
      > anyone been able to compile successfully under x86 linux and Sun
      > Solaris? Will there be client/server binaries released as well?

      Hmm, this is a bit tricky. The client/server builds fine using gcc on
      tru-64, but won't build cleanly under Linux. I've fixed a few bits, but
      have hit my C/C++ knowledge limit (OK, I admit, I'm a Perl programmer). If
      anyone has a patch for this, or has the inclination to take a look,
      please shout!

      > I downloaded the source (both 3.0 and 3.1) and tried to build the
      > client/server binary on my x86(Pentium 4) machine under Mandrake 9 and
      > it failed to compile because my version of gcc/g++ is 3.2.

      Yup - you'll need to install gcc 2.95 in tandem with 3.2. This should
      be fine on Mandrake. I'd also be interested, however, in patching the code
      for gcc 3.2.

      > I also tried to compile with g++ 2.95.2 on a Sun SPARC (Solaris 8) and
      > still got errors:

      I've just got access to a sun box, so I'll see if I can build a binary for
      you (no promises though).

      The upshot; I would be delighted to hear from anyone inclined to
      contribute to the SSAHA code base. Whilst it works great here at Sanger,
      I'm well aware of the problems experienced on other (non
      tru-64) platforms. One possibility is setting up a ssaha
      project on sourceforge. Interested parties; please step forward!



      Dr William Spooner whs@...
      Ensembl Web Developer http://www.ensembl.org
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