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16Re: Sanger SSAHA web pages updated

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  • coxtonyj
    Sep 19, 2002
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      Hi Will,

      Thanks for updating the Sanger web pages. When I get a few spare hours
      I'm going to try to put together version 3.1 which will contain fixes
      for a couple of minor bugs (most of which have been discussed on this
      group). If anyone has found any more bugs I would be pleased to hear
      about them here. I probably won't have time to put in any major new
      features though.

      If you have any problems with the code I would be glad to try and
      answer them via this group.

      Tony Cox

      PS Would it be possible to include a link to this group from the
      Sanger web page?

      --- In ssahausers@y..., Will Spooner <whs@s...> wrote:
      > I'm currently maintaining the SSAHA web pages at Sanger (and SSAHA
      > it a hands-off manner).
      > The web pages have been updated with SSAHA v3 source and binaries:
      > http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Software/analysis/SSAHA/
      > I would obviously be delighted to recieve any feedback regarding the
      > page. If anyone could provide pre-built binaries for various
      platforms, I
      > will post these on the site.
      > If anyone has thoughts/comments about the future development of the
      > project, please post.
      > Kind regards,
      > Will
      > ---
      > Dr William Spooner whs@s...
      > Ensembl Web Developer http://www.ensembl.org
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