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103Re: Error running latest ssaha

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  • sraxylan
    Aug 24, 2007
      --- In ssahausers@yahoogroups.com, "coxtonyj" <anthony.j.cox@...> wrote:
      > You're right, there does seem to be an issue when you specify '-sf
      > hash' - both query and subject need to be in the same directory.
      > Interestingly it always seems to be able to load in the hash table
      > correctly, even if that is the one with the path. I will try to look
      > into it.

      Having looked at this some more I found that if you use a full path to
      specify the location of the fasta file when you create the hash
      initially you can then perform searches from anywhere. This gives me
      a good work round for my problem. It might be a simple fix to expand
      the filename to a full path when saving a hash?


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