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SSY Newsletter:- YES! course and YOGA RAVE

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  • shreedhar thuljaram
    *Weekly Newsletter from Sri Sri Yoga New Jersey - Monday Mar 25th, 2012* *YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR* *YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR FOR TEENS* *$25 discount ends
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      Weekly Newsletter from Sri Sri Yoga New Jersey - Monday Mar 25th, 2012




      $25 discount ends on Sunday, March 25, 2012 for West Windsor(Princeton) course.


      Youth today face many challenges both inside and outside the classroom. As a participant on this course you are encouraged to go beyond a limited view of life and perceive the world in all its diversity.


      The initial 20-hour seminar is comprehensive. It includes practical tools for releasing stress, relaxation and yoga exercises, problem solving strategies, leadership training, social skills development and creative projects. Such vital skills as these enable you to nurture greater inner strength for managing negative emotions, conflict, peer pressure and criticism.


      THE YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR is an innovative and dynamic program that nurtures the qualities of creativity, compassion, leadership, and friendliness in leday's youth, so that they can share themselves with the world to create a brighter future.

      • ·         Reduced Stress
      • ·         Ability to manage negative Emotions
      • ·         Increased health & well-being
      • ·         Improved mental clarity & focus
      • ·         Greater creativity
      • ·         Improved self-esteem & confidence
      • ·         Better focus and retention of study material




      $25 off till Mar 25th


      Article on Education in America:



      The YES! programs are taught in many US public schools, now it is available outside school. Please take some time to watch the videos carefully. www.YouthEmpowermentSeminar.org




      Special Meetup Discounted Tickets Available for You NOW!

      HERE! (On Meetup) http://www.meetup.com/PhillyMeditates/events/50804622/

      Don't miss this once in a lifetime experience combining Movement, Music, & Meditation!

      For the first time ever in the US, after tacking the world by storm, YOGA RAVE!

      The Best Party You've Never Been To!

      See for yourself :) - http://vimeo.com/36037408

       Friday, March 30, 2012

      @7:30 PM

       2424 Studios

      Price: $20.00 per person on Meetup (20% off normal ticket prices)

      To learn more, visit www.yogarave.org/us


      Sri Sri



      Total responsibility is total surrender. It is a little hard to chew but this is the truth. People usually say either "I take responsibility" or "I surrender," but I tell you they go hand in hand. If you are surrendered to the knowledge, you are committed to sharing it with others. You take responsibility to see that it flourishes.


      One who is irresponsible cannot surrender. Why is someone irresponsible? They are lazy or fearful or both. If you are lazy or fearful, you cannot be in love. Setting a time-bound goal give direction to your life force, but imagination is essential for this. Most people have little imagination, get stuck, and end up frustrated. 


      When you take responsibility and you become confused or run into obstacles, remember to surrender. That simple act releases you from the weight of feeling as though are the doer and gives you the strength to move ahead. Responsibility is the dynamic expression of life in the present moment. When you are shaken, remember the foundation of responsibility is surrender. 


      Taking full responsibility and surrendering without doership are the skills of the wise. Total irresponsibility is impossible for you. Limited responsibility makes you weak. A little water in the sun will evaporate but the ocean never dries up. Limited responsibility tires you. Unlimited responsibility empowers you and brings you joy. 




      Permanent weight loss through Yoga






      Each Saturday and Sunday of Jan & Feb 2012, 75 Minute Yoga & Meditation sessions will be offered for a $10 / session Fee at Metuchen Center.

      Each session is 75 min, Prior registration is NOT required. Anyone can come in and partake.

      Each Yoga session will be comprised of Light-Impact Aerobics and standard age-old tested body postures that provide Restorative & Therapeutic benefits.

      Participants are advised to seek the counsel of their physician before undertaking any Yoga / physical activity.

      Saturday ::: 4:30 pm - 5:45 pm

      Sunday ::::: 4.00 pm - 5:15 pm

      For more information, please contact Naval at 224-944-6747






      WORLD ANTI-CORRUPTION DAY - Friday, December 9, 2011


      Raise voice against corruption




      To the reader:

      Sri Sri Yoga NJ Team will be sending regular weekly newsletter updates on the upcoming events and courses to the members who have taken Sri Sri Yoga and/or taken any yoga programs conducted by Art Of Living.  These emails will include topics on the courses, events, knowledge pertaining to Yoga, Ayurveda and Diet. Please send your feed back to srisriyoganj@... with the subject ‘Feed back’.  If you don’t want to receive emails from this group, please opt to unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link below.


      Jai Guru Dev

      Victory to the BIG mind


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