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390Documentary movies produced by BEYOND ME FILMS, to spread the knowledge

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  • srisriyoganj
    Mar 12, 2013
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      From: Frank Huguenard
      Sent: 2/10/2013 5:36 PM
      Subject: Documentary Films Produced to help Spread the Knowledge
      I am with Art of Living full time, working as a documentary film producer, living in the Boone Ashram.
      All three films can be seen for free at http://www.beyondmefilm.com  If you want to help, please take a second and go to the site and push the little facebook and twitter buttons to help spread the word.

      This films are for anybody who you think may be interested in taking the basic course but isn't sure. 
      This past week, Beyond Reason was screened in a theater at the local University here in Boone and the students in attendance became aware of the course and are interested in taking it so it's really a powerful introtalk.  If you are interested in doing a screening, let me know and I'll send you a HD version of the films to show in a theater.
      It has 3 parts

      Beyond Me is a film about how we tend to get stuck in patterns of behavior and how to break free from them.

      Beyond Belief is about belief systems presented in the Bible and questions their authenticity.

      Beyond Reason has just been released (2013) and is about how to apply the Modern Science Methodology to the Search for Self.