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382Fw: GMO - VERY IMPORTANT, MUST READ from ex President of Art Of Living

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  • Shreedhar Thuljaram
    Oct 28 3:33 PM
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      From: Michael Fischman <michael@...>
      Date: Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 1:31 PM
      Subject: We Can Make History!

      Dear Friends:
      Usually when you receive an email from me, it almost always concerning Art of Living work. Well, this email is different. I am writing to you as a concerned individual, to share something that I think is very important to all Americans and to the world. It is about our right to know what's in our food and the right to choose for ourselves what we eat and feed our families.
      This email is my attempt to encourage you to support Proposition 37, on November 6th. Proposition 37 is the California voter initiative that would require clear labels letting consumers know if foods are genetically modified. While 61 other countries currently require labeling for GMOs, California would be the first state in the U.S. to implement such a law.
      What Are Genetically Engineered Foods (GMOs)?  A genetically engineered food is a plant or meat product that has had its DNA artificially altered in a laboratory by genes from other plants, animals, viruses, or bacteria in order to produce foreign compounds in that food. This type of genetic alteration is not found in nature and is experimental.   Many of the foods we currently eat and feed our families (including certain baby formulas and a high percentage of corn, soy, cotton and sugar commonly used in processed foods sold in the U.S.), but we don’t know which ones without labeling.
      Example: Genetically Modified corn has been engineered in a laboratory to produce pesticides in its own tissue. GMO corn is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency as an Insecticide, but is sold unlabeled. [EPA Pesticides]. Walmart is now selling Monsanto's sweet corn that has been genetically engineered to contain an insecticide, but consumers don't know because it's not labeled. 
      What are the potential dangers of eating GM foods?
      The only feeding study done with humans showed that GMOs survived inside the stomach of the people eating GMO food. No follow-up studies were done. Various feeding studies in animals have resulted in potentially pre-cancerous cell growth, damaged immune systems, smaller brains, livers, and testicles, partial atrophy or increased density of the liver, odd shaped cell nuclei and other unexplained anomalies, false pregnancies and higher death rates. However, unlike the strict safety evaluations required for the approval of new drugs, the US Food and Drug Administration does not require safety studies for genetically engineered foods.
      Who is Opposed to Proposition 37? 
      No single individual has made a contribution to the campaign against Prop. 37.  Instead, the campaign is funded entirely by giant pesticide and junk food companies with a zero track record of making false claims about the safety of their products.  The “No” campaign’s two largest donors-- Monsanto and DuPont—are the same companies that told us Agent Orange and DDT were safe.  
      A Simple Proposition for California in 2012:  The California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act is simple: The initiative would simply require food sold in retail outlets to be labeled if it is produced through genetic engineering, and would not allow these products to be labeled as “natural.” Prop 37 gives companies 18 months to change their labels, and allows for the GMO disclosure to appear wherever they choose on packaging.
      To find more information on Proposition 37 and Genetic Modification, please visit the websites below:
      Citizen initiative, vote is Nov 6th.
      Institute for Responsible Technology, Jeffrey Smith – Leading authority on GMO issues
      Bill Moyers interviews Vandana Shiva regarding GMO seeds. 
      If Proposition 37 passes, it will be a huge step toward the transparency we deserve. I would like to invite you to share this email with all of your friends, contacts and family in California and spread the word on this critical issue. For those of you who are able,  please Vote Yes on 37 in November. 
      Together, we can make history this November!

      Michael Fischman
      Art of Living Foundation, US
      PO Box 50003
      Santa Barbara, CA 93150

      Creating a stress free, violence free society!