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  • srisriyoganj
    Jun 10, 2012

      Weekly Newsletter from Sri Sri Yoga New Jersey - Monday June 11th,2012


      "Among the 12-13 full moons in ayear the vaishakha full moon is dedicated to Buddha (his birth andenlightenment), jyeshtha full moon to mother earth and the aashadha full moonis dedicated to the memory of masters. This is Guru-Purnima.


      Special video on Boone, NC

      http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=vl1JlzdGL3s&list= UUHEuGmM5ymbgl0f6hNC6a0Q& index=1&feature=plcp




      Special discount ends on Monday, Jun 11, 2012.

      PRINCETON: JUN 21,22,23

      NORTH BRUNSWICK: JUN 16,17,18,19

      Youth today face many challenges both insideand outside the classroom. As a participant on this course you are encouragedto go beyond a limited view of life and perceive the world in all itsdiversity.

      THE YOUTH EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR is aninnovative and dynamic program that nurtures the qualities of creativity,compassion, leadership, and friendliness in today's youth, so that they canshare themselves with the world to create a brighter future.

      Register: http://secure.artofliving.org/courses.aspx?state=NJ&city=ALL&type=94

      The YES! programs are taught in many US public schools,now it is available outside school. Please take some time to watch the videoscarefully. www.YouthEmpowermentSeminar.org

                                                                                    ART EXCEL FOR KIDS

      Course Highlights

      • ·         Develop leadership skills which enable youth to become positive role models for their peers
      • ·         Increase mental clarity, focus and concentration
      • ·         Release negative emotional and behavioral patterns
      • ·         Retain emotional balance in frustrating situations.
      • ·         Discover their unique gifts and talents Skills learned
      • ·         Physical: Stretching, Yoga
      • ·         Mental and Spiritual: Specific breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, meditation
      • ·         Social: Problem solving skills, development of social skills, leadership training, games, group dynamics, creative projects and service projects

      For more information Visit www.artoflivingyouth.org



      Special discount ends on July 27th, 2012

      Sri Sri Yoga is a discipline that isboth gentle and powerful at the same time. It integrates elements from differentpaths of yoga to unite the body and mind with awareness.

      PRINCETON, NJ:          AUG 3 & 4 AND AUG 10& 11, 2012

      For moredetails and to register: http://secure.artofliving.org/courses.aspx?state=NJ&city=ALL&type=15



      o   Venue:Farm house with natural surroundings

      o  Carla and Mike's residence

      o  548 Route 579 (Milestone Manor), Ringoes, NJ(near Pennington, Flemington)

      o   Every Tuesdays,6:30 to 7:45 pm (after Gurupoornima 2012)

      o  Contact: Carla @ 908-310-2505 or

      o   Email:shreedhart@...




      Three kinds of Devotees

      Sri Sri

      here are three kinds of devotees. The first kind is a devotee who keeps asking, `God give me this', `God give me that.' The second kind is a devotee who is always grateful, `Thank you God, you gave me this and you gave me that', one who is emotional, prayerful and keeps crying out of gratitude. The third kind is a devotee who always remains joyful, keeps smiling, dancing and singing – joyful devotee. All three are different kinds of devotees, and yet all three are supreme. It is not that one is greater than another – that is not so. A crying devotee, a laughing devotee, and a devotee who keeps asking – so which category are you in, you can see that for yourself. It is possible that a little of all three may be there in you. That also is okay. Then that would be the fourth kind of devotee – one who has a little bit of all the three present.

      A joyful devotee, who gets lost in fun only, somewhere or the other, he is not able to attain depth and depth is also needed. That is why saint Kabirdas has said, `Kabira hasana door kar, rone se kar preet, bin roye kit paaiye, prem piyara meet'.

      But the crying which Kabir is talking about is a different kind of crying, it is the crying that comes out of praise, out of gratitude and longing. It is not the kind of crying where one feels that this is lacking, that is lacking, this did not happen, that did not happen – he is not referring to this type of crying which is for the worldly matters or maya. He is referring to those who cry out of bliss and devotion. So that is also needed. But the devotees who are joyful are said to be the knowledgeable once because they know that God is right here – he is within me, and he is present this very moment.

      Often people think that God is elsewhere; he existed sometime in the past, or will come sometime in the future. They forget that God is right here, right now, present within everyone, present within me – just this conviction should be there. It is for this only that you are doing all these gymnastics, all these exercises. Otherwise what is the point of doing these exercises all day – doing pranayama, asana, kirtan, bhajan, seva – what is the essence of all these? To know that God is inside me, right here and right now.

      This much for today! Listening to too much knowledge will cause indigestion. It becomes difficult to digest. Just digest this much. Today Guruji spoke only one line – `God is right here, right now, within me and within everyone.'



      YouthEmployment Crisis

      The unprecedented proportion that the youth employmentcrisis has acquired, has prompted the decision to place the topic on theConference agenda for a general discussion.

      101st Session of the International Labor Conference, 30 May - 15 June 2012


      To thereader:

      Sri Sri Yoga NJ Team will be sending regular weekly newsletterupdates on the upcoming events and courses to the members who have taken SriSri Yoga and/or taken any yoga programs conducted by Art Of Living.  These emails will include topics on thecourses, events, knowledge pertaining to Yoga, Ayurveda and Diet. Please sendyour feed back to srisriyoganj@... with thesubject `Feed back'.  If you don't wantto receive emails from this group, please opt to unsubscribe by clicking on theunsubscribe link below.

      IAHV (www.iahv.org) is an international humanitarian andeducational non-governmental organization committed to promote resurgence ofhuman values in all aspects of life across the globe. The Association partnerswith governments, educational institutions, other NGOs, corporations, businessesand individuals, to develop and promote programs of personal development toencourage the practice of human values ineveryday life. IAHV along with its sister organization, Art of Living Foundation (www.artofliving.org) has one ofthe largest volunteer based networks in the world. It has reached over 20million people in over 140 countries from all walks of life with a wide rangeof social, economic, cultural and educational activities. The organizationworks in special consultative status with the Economic, Social and CulturalCouncil (ECOSOC) of the United Nations, participating in a variety ofcommittees and activities, related to health and conflict resolution. IAHV isknown for its low overheads and strong organizational capacity. This ispossible because of our large inspired volunteer base.

      All the proceeds and course fees go directly to service projectsaround the world.

      Jai Guru Dev

      Victory tothe BIG mind