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  • Rhumy
    TO THE MEMBERS OF THE FORUM Assalaamualaikum warahmathullahi wabarakaathuhu. Most people undergo stress in life on a regular basis. These happen mainly due to
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      Assalaamualaikum warahmathullahi wabarakaathuhu.


       Most people undergo stress in life on a regular basis.  These happen mainly due to family conflicts. When such things happen they fall sick and attribute the sickness for various reasons, other than the stress and the psychological  issues that they go through.  On most occasions even the Doctor cannot diagnose the reasons behind these sicknesses, which could lead to serious repercussions.  Patients then will have to spend much money on getting back to normalcy.   In Sri Lanka, it is sad that most are not aware of psychotherapy or counseling treatment.  These words have become a taboo for even the small number of those who are aware.  They feel that going to a psychotherapist or a counselor is a shame.  However, after spending much money some of them finally come for psychotherapy or counseling treatment and find success.  We have credible information and proof in this regard. 


      Based on research and consensus,  we, from Soulink Lanka have embarked upon a program to create awareness for those interested, by having the below stated workshops on a half a day basis.  Mentioned hereunder are only some of the topics that we would handle.  On request are able to cover other areas as well.  We are a team of experienced motivational trainers, counselors, community development workers, etc.  who conduct group programs to motivate and boost the morale and have, Masha Allah have found success.  Those interested could register for programs that are held.


                  For Parents and married couples.


      ·        Positive communication for a successful family

      ·        Positive parenting in a negative world

      ·        Understanding children for what they are

      ·        Child psychology

      ·        Self Awareness


      We also could have such programs for couples intending to get married, or those wanting to learn how to spend a happy married life and Premarital programs.


      ·        Road to Marriage


           * Choosing the right  partner.

          * The reality of Marriage

          * Conflict Management  & Resolution

          * Relationships & Intimacy

          * Dealing with issues  Practically.


      Program for teachers


      ·        Child psychology

      ·        Basic counseling

      ·        A successful teacher

      ·        Effective communication


      Programs for Children:


      ·        Motivational & Leadership Programs for Teens, Students & Children could also be held.

      ·        Program for children ( e.g. slow learners, aggressive behavior, children with special needs)


      Those interested could Register for a particular theme given above, by send us an email to soulinklank@...

      For inquiries please contact 0777800631 or 0777162391.


      Jazaakumullah khairan


      Rhumy Amith


    • dawood Jameel
          http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-17781372 http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-17781372
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