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An urgent appeal for renovation- from one of the oldest Masaajid (125 years old) in Sri Lanka

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  • Iffaaz Salahudeen
    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam: Assalamu Alaikum, Please take 2 minutes of your valuable time to read the below letter (or the attached letter and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2011

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam: Assalamu Alaikum,

             Please take 2 minutes of your valuable time to read the below letter (or the attached letter and the expansion sketch) and help to rebuild this old Masjid in Sri Lanka.

    July 30, 2011

    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam: Assalamu Alaikum,

                The majority of Muslims in Sri Lanka are direct descendants of Arabs, who visited India and Sri Lanka on trade, and settled down in various parts of Sri Lanka. They also married local women and established Masaajid all over the country. One of them was the Kapuwatta Jumma Masjid (Mosque), which is one of the oldest mosques in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It was built in 1887, and it will be 125 years old next year. It is situated in the village of Kapuwatta - about 130 kilometers south of the Capital, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

    Though Muslims are small minority (7%) in Sri Lanka, they live in harmony with other communities (Buddhist, Hindus and Christians). In many rural areas, such as Kapuwatte, Muslims live in pockets surrounded by the majority community; however, they get all their religious rights in running their own affairs within each village. These include Muslims own businesses, schools, Madrasas and Masaajid. In many parts of this small island nation, Muslims are well respected.

    The current Masjid comprises of a ground floor and part mezzanine floor, which accommodates 2 boys’ Madrasas. Twenty five students are currently benefiting from this program. Due to the increasing population and the present condition of the mosque, we are compelled to renovate and expand it. As Muslims, it is our duty to provide our maximum support to fulfill this project. The total estimated cost of the renovation and expansion project would be around US $220,000. We are planning to commence construction soon after Ramadan, Insha Allah. We seek your kind assistance towards this worthy project. May it enable you to receive the blessings of Almighty Allah during these holy months of Sha’ban and Ramadan.

                We understand that the prospective donors may have genuine concerns about how the money would be spent, and we assure you that we will post all accounts and we also take the accountability on the Day of Judgment in front of Allah (SWT) very seriously. 

    We are well aware that with global technology, everyone is bombarded with many requests from all over the world for many projects. May we request that you make a small donation of even $100 towards this Sadaqathul Jaariya? We have launched a website to provide all details with regard to this renovation effort. The website address is www.kjmosque.com. Please donate online by visiting the website and pass this message on to friends, relations, charity organizations, business establishments, etc. Once you donate online, please send an email to your USA representative, Iffaaz Salahudeen at Iffaaz@..., so that we can make sure your donation is acknowledged. Iffaaz is originally from Kapuwatte, and had his primary education in Kapuwatte Muslim school. 

    May Almighty Allah shower His blessings on you and your family and fulfill all your good wishes.


    Jazakum Allahu khairan.

     Yours Sincerely,

     Mohamed Naufer

     On behalf of the Building Project Committee   (www.kjmosque.com)


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