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Internal crisis of SLMC

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  • Mohamed Rameez Noohu Lebbe
    Rauf Hakeem Attempts To Pacify Muslim Community After Creating The Crisis Through His Lack Of Insight And Resolve. Periscop-Global SinhalaVillage for LankaWeb
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2002

      Rauf Hakeem Attempts To Pacify Muslim Community After Creating The Crisis Through His Lack Of Insight And Resolve.

      Periscop-Global SinhalaVillage for LankaWeb

      The Internal Crisis in the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress has been needlessly brought about by its leader Rauf Hakeem�s lack of insight and pretentious meanderings which have threatened to all but betray his own community.By nature a turncoat and an individual of devious principles his track record alone proves that he is not someone to be trusted and the Muslim Community would be better off sticking to their decision to boycott Hakeem�s overtures and its support for the Wickremasinghe Administration as his recent entreaties appear to be a mere safeguarding of his own future as a parlimentarian with the governing party rather than being empathic towards the cause of the Muslim Community.It is rather a curious situation of blind trust betrayed in the past and there should be no prepondering applied against the doubts already created in the minds of the Muslim Community and its breakaway MPs who have resorted to the correct path to restore their needs and dignities which the ignominious Hakeem all but threatens wipe out.

      The Muslim Community must realise that they have pinned their hope in Hakeem and the Wickremasinghe Administration in a rather futile manner while their hopes of any restitution towards their needs in the North and North East of Sri Lanka have been dashed by the LTTE who have continuously disregarded their problems and have no real intentions of extending a positive welcome towards accommodating them as equals regardless of the assurances of Hakeem who himself has little ground to stand on as far as his credibilities are concerned and to expect a warm embrace from the LTTE would be a pipe dream for the Muslims whose only real hope would be supporting the PA and the policies of the President who has always been congenial towards them.

      Hakeem and his turncoat buddies have a reputation of being shamefully opportunistic when it comes to their survival and has never really confronted the LTTE regarding their atrocities in the past but has joined the bandwagon of bootlickers and bucket carrying sychopants who believe in bending over backwards to the LTTE in the vain hope that it would bring about a radical change in them and indeed the radicalities of the LTTE which is common knowledge have shown no sympathies ever towards the Muslims and is unlikely to change regardless of the web of fairy tales Hakeem has been spinning in order to restore a majority in Parliament.To the contrary they have more than likely incurred the laughter and scorn of the LTTE at the lack of insight of the Muslim leadership which at every turn seems to have misled the community spearheaded by Hakeem!.

      There has been a reference by the SLMC leadership to �A Bargaining Strength�of the Muslims towards their rights which carries no weight amongst the LTTE and The UNF who have continued to shrug off the needs of the Muslims as a secondary contingency and something which is of little significance which must be borne in mind whereas the PA have in the past responded positively to their needs by comparison.They must never forget the evil wiles of the LTTE who have been more interested in ethnic cleansing in the North and North East and debarring Muslim Families from returning to their inherent neighbourhoods and homes and a point to ponder upon when making a decision as to where their real loyalties should be focussed It certainly discounts Hakeem as a saviour and a deliverer as opposed to Mrs,. Ferial Ashroff more deserving of the title whose genuine intent for her community stands as a testimony towards sincerity towards the Muslim Community as well as for the Nation.


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