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Re: Fw: Attack on Mosque - Kadawatha Road - Dehiwela

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  • tuan jassim
    It is very sad that these things are happening, specially during the month of Ramadhan. This was the same story at John Keels Housing Scheme, Enderamulla,
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2008
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      It is very sad that these things are happening, specially during the month of Ramadhan.
      This was the same story at John Keels Housing Scheme, Enderamulla, Wattala for a couple of years and that too during Ramadhan. May be Shaitans are becming HOT at the sight of devotion for Allah.

      But Masha Allah, today the story is quite different. A multi storied building stands proudly bearing the name board Madhrasathul Aiysha, which is a venue for free Quran classes and now they are conducting even Eid and Jummah Salah.

      The place is called Enderamulla, which is between Mahara Junction and Hendala Junction inWattala.The Madhrasa stands 300 meters from the main bus route 261, from Enderamulla.public cemetery. The building looks like a housing flat, and that itself is a strategy, in calming the nerves of extremists.

      No force was used, but every thing achieved with the co-operation and active participation of the people of the area, the clergy both Buddhist and Catholic, and the politician (famous Dutu Gemunu) at the opening ceremony. They not only blessed the effort, if that is the word I can use, but were happy to  be a part of the effort.

      This success story is particularly interesting because of the participation of dignitaries of other religions in the opening ceremony, and every Muslim who proposes to venture on similar projects can learn very important lessons from the persons who initiated this project.

      If our Dehiwala brothers or anyone aiming for such projects anywhere else are keen to find out how this was done, then they can visit the Madhrasa and get the details, from those who achieved it.

      I will give you one clue, for this peaceful achievement. We will never achieve anything by isolating ourselves from the rest of the society. We should not stand aloof, assuming that we have nothing in common with them. We should care for them as well, even though they may not share the same ideas and ideals of the Muslim society.

      Peliyagoda masjid on Negombo road is another success story, but with a different hue. So was the Jummah Masjid at Kegalle on the main road, I am told.
      I hope others will learn a lesson from the organizers of these successful projects.

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      Subject: <SRILANKA MUSLIMS> Fw: Attack on Mosque - Kadawatha Road - Dehiwela

      In Ramazan this year, some fellow Muslims started a thakkiya (small mosque) on Kadawatha Road , Dehiwela and were conducting tharaweeh prayers. The mosque was operating on a very low key and causing no hindrance to anyone. However some Sinhalese villagers banded together, along with a few monks who then sent a delegation to this mosque demanding them to stop conducting prayers. The activities of the mosque were stopped overnight. Some Sinhalese villagers had already started intimidating Muslims in the area and dumping garbage right in front of the building in question.

      Around February 23rd 2008, this building was reopened as "The All Ceylon Muslim Educational Conference" but some Sinhalese villagers banded under the leadership of some extremist monks, hung black flags in the vicinity and defaced the walls of the building with racist posters. A fresh pile of trash was also dumped just outside the parapet wall and some garbage thrown in over the wall as well.An adhoc meeting was arranged adjacent to the mosque and presided by monks, where it is alleged that many racial statements were issued.

      Some Sinhalese villagers then kept overnight vigil by assembling at closeby Sinhalese houses and drinking through the night and singing and revelling. The police had posted two officers at the point to watch out for any mishaps, but a confrontation has been avoided largely due to the non-violent behaviour of the Muslims in the face of open aggression by some uneducated Sinhalese.

      What the Sinhalese are doing is entirely illegal, unethical and unjustifiable even under their own standards. However there seems to be a general acceptance of violating the rights of minorities in the current political backdrop.

      If we as Muslims (or as responsible citizens of Sri Lanka - be it Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic, Muslim) and the relevant politicians/authorities do not take any action, this incident can be taken as another step in oppressing our fundemental right to practice our religion and further violation of our rights to do what we want (legal things) in our legally owned buildings.


      The saddest part of this story is that the authorities are treating this incident as a nuisance rather than a violation of fundemental rights and their main aim is to "keep peace" rather than ensuring justice. The photo attached was shot on the morning of the 25th Feb 2008 and shows the defaced walls and the garbage dumped by some villagers.

      Below are the translations of the posters seen in this photo….

      1. Muslim extremists jeopardize the unity of the village!!!

      2. Don't slaughter cattle!! slaughter PIG!!

      3. Can we open temples in Beruwela?

      4. Is this the result of selling our property to Muslim extremism?

      5. Hameedias! do you think that we are sleeping?

      6. Wake up Sinhalese!! humiliate the extremists!!!

      7. Don't give our property to Muslim extremists!!!

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