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  • Farid Abdelcader
    ... From: Fazli Sameer Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 06:17:32 +0300 Ladies & Gentlemen: Now that the SL Parliament has been dissolved and
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      From: "Fazli Sameer" <fazlisameer@...>
      Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 06:17:32 +0300

      Ladies & Gentlemen:

      Now that the SL Parliament has been dissolved and we are going forward with another general election in December 2001, we still have a great chance to make sure that the election is won by the right people and the right methodology is put in place to put Sri Lanka back on track. God Willing!
      The newly formed coalition of the UNF seems the likely winner of the elections based on the performance, antics, and corrupt rule of the PA, especially during the last few months.

      I am no politician nor supporter of any political party. Never have been and never will. My only objective is to be able to suggest possible ways and means to take our nation out of this filthy mess that these politicians have taken us into for their own sweet (or even bitter) ends.

      It is my belief that the old systems of governance have to be drastically changed if we want to get back on track (as Mr. Clinton usually puts it in his own inimitable American way).

      Unless a two-thirds majority is obtained and a drastic change to the existing constitution is implemented where we can a least hope for a better future for the country we are all back to square one with another animal in sheep's clothing once again.

      It is my belief that the country must be run like a business with profit, monetary, socially, and development, as the goal. The only people who can achieve this are the successful heads of Corporations and Private Sector Companies in Sri Lanka based on an open economy with No holes barred.

      My suggestions are as follows:-
      1. Change of constitution in order to implement a totally new form of governance.

      2. MP's and Ministers to be selected from amongst the Business Elite of the nation (egg; Ken Balendra - Mahedra Amarasuriya, Lalith Kotalawela - Killi Rajamahendran, Roti Sivaratnam, Sunil de Silva, C.P.R. Perera, et al ), who have proved their mettle in business acumen and professionalism.

      3. No remuneration, cars, or special status to these MP's and Ministers as they will be give these positions as VOLUNTEERS in addition to their present business commitments.

      4. The President (elected by the People) and these carefully chosen Ministers/Cabinet will then function like a Business with profit as the final objective, thus providing development to the whole nation.

      5. The present Executive Presidency will be abolished and a new Presidency will be substituted for it.

      6. The elected President will select the Cabinet/Ministers with advice from the Judiciary, Organization of Professionals Association, and other suitably selected professional organizations/groups that will have to be discussed and mandated for this purpose.

      I cannot see any other way out of this hole!

      Fazli Sameer
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