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  • M I M Mowjood
    Dear brothers and sisters Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu How are you all. Though I couldn t contribute a lot, I read the mails as much as
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2004
      Dear brothers and sisters

      Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

      How are you all. Though I couldn't contribute a lot, I read the mails as much
      as possible.

      I had a visit to KSA last month. It was my first visit. With all my respect
      and a big image I landed at the Riyadh airport. Within a couple of minutes I
      felt it hard to believe. I saw the characters of JAHILIYYAH at the
      immigration counter. I have travel a lot and passed through several airports.
      But I never had the experince I had at Riyadh airport. I dont want to explain
      more. I may loss my control.

      My first impression is the impression for ever about KSA. It is a kingdom of

      I pray Almighty Allah to forgive them and make them kind to fellow human.


      > Assalamu alikum!
      > What kind of society?
      > What kind of society are these Arab Muslims? No society is a healthy
      > society if it has not produced people who can look after its needs.
      > What is that that the arabs are actually capable of doing? They need
      > others to do everything for them.
      > Sri Lankan to drive their cars. Indians to cook their food.
      > Phlilippinos to clean their carpets. Some else to repair their
      > electrical appliances and do various other things. The AMERICANS to
      > think for them and play masters to them.
      > Well there is one thing that they do very well. STABBING the fellow
      > Muslims in the back. You all can see how they allowed their bases to
      > be used by the Americans to kill fellow muslims.
      > One more thing that they are very good at. That is JOIN the army
      > that never fights even when their mothers are raped and fathers are
      > When will the Arab Muslim army wake up and do a little more than
      > polishing their shoes? When will the current corrupt puppet regimes
      > will be buried and replaced by sincere Muslim leadership that will
      > look after the muslims interest?
      > >From: "Engr. Meer Sahib" <msahib@...> >To: <Undisclosed-
      AN ALL AROUND SCOURGE >Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 09:10:06 -0400 > >Muslims
      around the world are earning unnecessary bad name because of the some
      ignorants in the Middle East. > >Having maid servants has become a status
      symbol, like Mercedes parked in the drive way. Having foreign maid servants
      is a lose-lose situation, except for boosting the ego of people who have no
      other way to boost their ego with. > >There are harrowing stories on both
      sides. The victims are the maids and the children of the ignorant parents who
      hire them and entrust their children in their care. Many such children, under
      the care of the maids, have been sexually abused. For example, a male child
      kept complaining about pain in his private part. Later, it was discovered the
      maid has been sexually abusing him. This is not an isolated case. Many
      similar cases have been reported. There was a bizarre case of a Philippino
      maid baking a child in the oven and attempting to eat him. > >The
      children 'raised' by foreign maids also suffer immense psychological,
      cultural and religious fallout which could have long lasting detrimental
      effects in their adulthood. A hefty price will be paid by the society which
      has become slaves to a false sense of status consciousness, and failed to
      foresee the ill effects of an alien culture. In the past, mothers have raised
      children, some times as many as 6 or 10, without the benefits of most of the
      modern day conveniences such as the refrigerators, washing machines,
      microwave ovens and what have you. There is no real reason why mothers of
      today need servants, especially with all the electronic appliances at their
      disposal. Slavery has been abolished by Islam, yet we have now resorted to a
      new form of slavery - in the form of maid servants. > >Even in the United
      States and Canada, many nanny abuses have been captured by hidden video
      cameras - scenes of child battering which would make the hearts of every
      parent bleed. Then what should one expect of maids, who are away from their
      own families and in most cases their own children, maids who are sexually
      abused by their masters, maids who are forced to work under slave like
      conditions, abused mentally, physically and traumatised in many other ways,
      and some times denied of their hard earned wages? When these maids return to
      their home countries they carry with them not only the scars of such
      mistreatment, but also deep hatred for Arabs and Muslims. > >Abuse of maids
      is not a special feature to the middle east. Many nannies have been forced
      into prostitution, raped and even murdered in Singapore, Japan, Israel and
      other parts of the world. It seems that hapless people, at the brink of
      starvation, who abandon their own children at home to become modern day
      slaves, are a fair game to the rich, irrespective of national or religious
      boundaries. > >The religious scholars in Saudi Arabia have been lashing out
      at this practice and the ill-treatment of the maid servants, but those who
      should be listening to these exaltations are usually not at the mosques. They
      are busy watching Miami Vice or steamy soap operas on their satellite TVs. >
      >"Maid Pushed down from Fifth Floor":
      http://www.uthayam.net/sep2004/page4.htm >
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      Dr. M.I.M. Mowjood
      Senior Lecturer
      Dept. of Agric. Engineering
      Faculty of Agriculture
      University of Peradeniya <www.pdn.ac.lk>
      Sri Lanka
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