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Re: RE:Can anyone please help ?? Dear rajesh Burmann

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  • V.Partha sarathy
    Om Namah Shivaya Dear Rajesh Remove all the stones immediately. Wear a gold band around your wrist -right hand as ketu is there in 9th from AL. You can
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 1, 2003
      Om Namah Shivaya
      Dear Rajesh

      Remove all the stones immediately. Wear a gold band around your
      wrist -right hand as ketu is there in 9th from AL. You can continue
      with emerald but other stones no way.

      Chant the following mantras daily

      a) Om Namo Narayanaya-108 times.
      b) Klim Krishna Klim-108 times

      6th lord venus is with Saturn the badhakesh, which suggests use of
      black magic. Even rahu is also there so very diabolical.

      Pray Lord Hanuman daily , and also chant the following mantra for
      lord Ram.

      Rama sharanam Mama

      Sri Ramchandra charanou sharanam prapaddhyai.

      om tat sat

      --- In srijagannath@yahoogroups.com, Rajesh Burmann
      <rajeshburmann@y...> wrote:
      > Respected Sir,
      > Thanks for helping me at this point of time.
      > Few things which I want to add.
      > An elderly member in my wife's family is a tantrik. This I came to
      know only later. So, even I suspected that they might have used black
      > Its just not my income but the entire family's income is presently
      ZERO. We all are in deep trouble.
      > First of all there was no demand or request for dowry from my
      family. I had made it clear that there is a status mismatch but my in-
      laws were keen for this marriage. My in-laws are from a business
      family. My wife doesnot have any brother. My in-laws insisted that I
      should join their family business in Calcutta. I always resisted and
      greatly disliked this matter always. My in-laws are quite influential
      and closely related to a very well known crickter from Bengal.
      > At one of the mail I saw that it is adviced not to involve my
      father in this matter. But the fact is that my father's involvement
      in the whole matter actually worsened it further.
      > Regarding my professional career and financial position, I can only
      say that it is ruined.
      > Does wearing gems help in anyway ??
      > Just to mention I am wearing Emerald (Mercury), Gomed / Hessonite
      (Rahu), Zircon (Venus), and Pearl for Moon.
      > Visti Ji, please give some mantra so that my financial position
      improves. I donot know how to sustain through this hard time. I
      really mean this and donot know how to survive this period.
      > I would await your reply please. I know I am troubling you a lot
      but I hope you would consider my case and understand my position.
      > Best Regards,
      > Rajesh Burmann
      > Visti Larsen <vishnu@l...> wrote:
      > |Hare Rama Krishna|
      > Dear Rajesh,
      > >> 1. What is use of bad mantra ??
      > Black magic, or mantra used for evil purposes.
      > >> 2. I donot know Vishnu Sahasaranama. Can you please tell me the
      mantra ??
      > Theres a version of Vishu Sahasaranama at this site:
      > >> 1. I need to know when will I get a new employment ?
      > There may be a job offer in moon-merc-mars (26th oct/2003-24th
      nov/2003) but the circumstaneces of this job will not be bearable and
      hence you may not take it. Then employment is again possible in July-
      April 2004. Your worries about your professional skill are unwaranted.
      > >> 2. What will be the future course of this litigation ?
      > In the previous mail, i indicated that Ketu Antara will bring
      relief to this case. To add; the result will be in your favor as Ketu
      is in the 9th from AL and in he 2nd from the A6.
      > Best wishes
      > Visti
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