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God helps them who help themselves

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    Question: I have a question for our Gurudev and would like to ask you to see if Gurudev has time to answer it. Some of my old friends still drink and eat
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2005
      Question: I have a question for our Gurudev and would like to ask you to
      see if Gurudev has time to answer it.
      Some of my old friends still drink and eat meat. I did preach to them and
      they did like it but it seems that they
      have difficulties to stop drinking. I do pray to Lord Krishna for His
      mercy for them. But do I have right
      to ask the Lord Himself to help them stop doing this nonsense? I myself
      am fallen and have no good
      qualities. I have so many defects. How is then is Lord Krishna going to
      listen to my prayers? How is it
      possible for a fallen person to satisfy the Lord and ask Him for
      protection of others? How can I help my friends?
      I feel compassion for them and would like to see them stop eating meet and
      drinking alcohol. What is the best
      way of helping them?


      The following is the affectionate and enlithtening reply of Srila
      Gurumaharaj to the letter:

      My dear Sree ......,
      I have gone through your letter dated 14 June, 2005 addressed
      to Tamalkrishna Brahmachari sent by email and noted the
      I think it will be better to get clear understanding for the
      solution of your problem, by going through the conversation of
      Kapil Bhagavan and Devahuti in third canto, twenty-fifth
      chapter of Srimad Bhagavat. Kapil Bhagavan has mentioned
      qualities of bona fide sadhu. First He has narrated the
      concomitant qualities and after that original qualities of a
      sadhu. In mentioning about the accompanying qualities, He has
      said that sadhus are compassionate to the conditioned souls.
      They themselves are trying to remove the root cause of the
      miseries of conditioned souls— aversion to Sree Krishna, by
      persuading them to worship Supreme Lord and practically
      practising in their lives. But inspite of that, the
      conditioned souls, due to their bad impressions of previous
      lives imbibed by evil propensities, have got the aptitude to
      commit sins. The aspirant who has got the desire to remove
      evil propensities, should try himself to change his evil
      propensity. Outside sympathetic persons may help him by
      spiritual instructions, but he has to try for this from his
      own initiative. ‘God helps them who help themselves’, ‘Help
      thyself and God will help thee’— Herbert. Sree Prahlad Maharaj
      tried his utmost to rectify his son Virochan by his own ideal
      life and teachings, but failed. By that he did not become
      unbalanced, because he had the knowledge that inspite of his
      endeavour and teachings, his son may or may not accept his
      advice due to influence of previous bad impressions. Supreme
      Lord and His Absolute Counterpart Gurudeva do not interfere
      into the relative independence of the conditioned souls.
      Supreme Lord is Omnipotent, He can do whatever He likes. But
      if He forcibly interferes, the person will be bereft of
      consciousness. If consciousness is destroyed, neither the
      person nor Supreme Lord will be benefited. So Supreme Lord by
      His personal appearance in the world and His personal
      associates, try to persuade the aspirant to submit to and
      accept the teachings of Supreme Lord willingly.
      Your effort to help your friends is laudable. You should not
      stop your endeavour and affection for your friends but you
      should not be disheartened if your friends are unable to
      accept your teachings.
      I was glad to see your son in the last videoconference. May
      All-Merciful Sree Sree Guru Gauranga Radha-Krishna bless you
      all. My love to you all.
      Affectionately yours,
      Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha
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