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sadhana and sadhya

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  • Hariprasad Das
    It is not possible for me to write a big letter to you replying your all questions. You should understand the difference of this material world and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 28, 2005
      It is not possible for me to
      write a big letter to you replying your all questions. You should understand
      the difference of this material world and the Transcendental Spiritual
      Realm. Sree Krishna is the only Master and Enjoyer in the Transcendental
      Spiritual Realm - Vrindavana Dham and there, all others are His servitors in
      different love-relations. The target of the servitors there is only for the
      satisfaction of Sree Krishna and for nothing else, whereas in this world,
      the conditioned souls, all think themselves as masters and enjoyers and they
      want to enjoy and lord it over others. This whole material world is the
      place of forest fire, where all are egocentric and they are fighting with
      each other for material interests. When centers of interests will be many,
      clashing is inevitable. We remain in this world with misconception of self
      and for the fulfilment of material non-eternal desires and with this
      thinking we can be happy - it can never be possible.
                  You have already heard several times from Vaishnavas that the
      real self of the Jiva is the eternal servant of Supreme Lord Sree Krishna
      and when he forgets his relation with Sree Krishna and is enveloped by the
      illusory energy, he is hurled down in this material world for getting the
      punishment for his aversion to Sree Krishna- for his reluctance to serve
      Krishna. The conditioned souls, due to forgetfulness of their relation to
      Sree Krishna, are passing through cycles of births and deaths from time
      immemorial. It is not so easy for them to change their propensity to enjoy
      this world. Even a person who starts drinking wine and becomes habituated to
      it, cannot give up his bad habit all of a sudden, understanding fully well
      that intoxication is bad for his eternal welfare. In the like manner, we
      have imbibed through cycles of births and deaths, so many various
      propensities in this world. It will take time to change our habits. For that
      if we loose patience, we cannot get the objective.

      "Sädhan bina sädhya vastu keho nähi päye"
                  Nobody can get his objective without performing penance for it.
      A neophyte to devotional practice may be restless at any moment, if he does
      not get actual association of bonafide shuddha bhakta. It is not so easy to
      get such association in this material world, atleast in western countries
      where they are more inclined for material enjoyments.

                  We should not be disappointed for this. If we are sincere, we
      will never be deceived and Krishna will protect us. God is All-Merciful and
      His personal associates are also All-Merciful.

                  You should remember four Narasimha Mantras, each four times, as
      well as Panchtattva and Mahamantra, each four times before going to bed and
      after rising up from bed. Narasimha Bhagavan can remove all ulterior desires
      and bestow pure devotion to Him.

                  My love to you all. May All-Merciful Sree Guru Gauranga
      Radha-Krishna bless you.

      Affectionately yours,

      B. B. Tirtha

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