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  • hemantag
    My dear Sree ........ I am in receipt of your letter dated 3/2/2005 in Calcutta, much late. I am worried to learn your wife s sudden depression. It is nothing
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2005
      My dear Sree ........

      I am in receipt of your letter dated 3/2/2005 in Calcutta, much late.

      I am worried to learn your wife's sudden depression. It is nothing
      unusual. Conditioned souls with wrong conception of self, may come
      into the grip of such depression. Eating, sleeping, defending etc.
      are the characteristics of all living beings including human beings.
      Human beings are distinct from other living beings in the sense that
      they have got the power of discrimination between good and bad,
      eternal and non-eternal. Root cause of all our distress is aversion
      to Supreme Lord. The moment a conditioned soul becomes averse to
      Krishna, illusory energy envelopes him and that causes
      misidentification of self and due to that there are non-eternal
      desires relating to gross body and subtle body. As long as
      misconception of self persists, there cannot be actual remedy of all
      kinds of distress and depression. Vaishnavas generally advise anybody
      who is in distress, to remember Narasimhadeva. For remembrance,
      utterance of Narasimha Mantra is essential. Narasimhadeva removes all
      anti-devotional desires so that the sincere aspirants can remove the
      root cause of suffering— `aversion to Supreme Lord Sree Krishna',
      simultaneously it may also give non-eternal benefits. Utterance of
      the Holy Name should be from the core of the heart, with firm belief.

      True Vaishnavas do not want to disturb their object of worship
      Supreme Lord and His Absolute Counterpart Gurudeva, for their worldly
      difficulties. If they require any kind of relief from physical
      disease, they take the help of physicians. I am not a doctor of the
      physical diseases, but I suggest that by taking doctor's advice, she
      can take `Alprax' medicine in the night about one hour before sleep.
      Some sort of difficulty causes tension in the mind due to family
      circumstance. Composed persons can withstand that.

      Arrangement is made to take out huge Sankirtan Procession with 108
      mridangas, band parties of Punjab and Assam etc. on the occasion of
      the Advent Anniversary of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Centennial
      Celebration of Gurudeva and Visva-Vaishnav-Rajsabha Meeting. There is
      also arrangement of distributing prasad on Jagannatha Misra's Ananda
      Festival Day to countless number of devotees. I have heard that you
      have got your programme to participate in the said Navadwip Dham
      parikrama and Centennial Functions. We will leave from Calcutta for
      Sree Mayapur on 17th March, 2005. We are so so.

      My love to you all. May All-Merciful Supreme Lord Sree Guru-Gauranga
      Radha-Krishna bless you all.

      Affectionately yours,

      Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha
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