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  • subal das
    My Dear ***, I am now awfully busy in my hectic preaching-tour in North-India. I am accompanied by a big party of ascetics and devotees. We are going to Jammu
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2002
      My Dear ***,

      I am now awfully busy in my hectic preaching-tour in
      North-India. I am accompanied by a big party of ascetics and devotees. We
      are going to Jammu on the 8th January as per scheduled programme inspite of
      the area being disturbed. We shall next visit New Delhi, Rajasthan,
      Maharashtra (Mumbai) and will return to Calcutta on 26th January before
      Calcutta Math Annual Function.

      I am extremely worried and perturbed to hear from Sree Bhakti
      Vichar Vishnu Maharaj (Chidghanananda Das Brahmachari) who had a talk with
      Bhutbhavan Das of Bathinda, Punjab. What I have heard from Bhutbhavan is
      unbelievable and beyond my thinking. I have seen your family relation
      completely non-different from Indian family-relation, unlike western
      countries. I was very much impressed to see your family love-relation. We
      should always remember that we belong to Sree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's school
      of thought. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu teaches us to love all human beings, nay
      even other living beings, seeing their eternal relation with our most
      beloved object of worship - Supreme Lord Sree Krishna. If we, as followers
      of the teachings of Sree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, cannot love our own persons,
      how can we love others? Sree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu teaches us to chant Holy
      Name with the four qualities of being humbler than a blade of grass, more
      forbearing than a tree, giving respect to all and having no desire to get
      respect from others. The devotees here have got great respect for your
      family and polite behaviour. This dignity should be retained at all costs.
      Both of you should think about your daughter, Sreemati ***. Worldly
      interests should not be allowed to harm eternal spiritual interests. You
      yourself, in introducing me in America and in England used to say that this
      precious human birth was only meant for service of Sree Krishna and not for
      eating, sleeping, defending and mating. Sometimes in family love-relations,
      there may be temporary expression of offended state of mind but it is not
      lasting. Our Most Revered Gurudeva used to advise us to remember the
      instructions of Prahlad Maharaj, "Yat vadashi yat karoshi, chanumodeta
      nirmamam", i.e., if anybody in the family says something or does something
      against one's liking, sometimes it is necessary for approval to that without
      attachment. In that case, we will not be responsible for approval. For a
      peaceful family life, this sort of behaviour is necessary. How Prahlad
      Maharaj could stay in the most hostile atmosphere with calm and serene
      mentality, it should be thought deeply. He never became unbalanced and lost
      his calmness of mind. We should try to adjust ourselves with the
      environment, we cannot make the environment adjusted to us. Lord Chaitanya
      Mahaprabhu and our Guruvarga repeatedly advise us to go through the holy
      biographies of Prahlad Maharaj and Ambarish Maharaj. I think what I have
      heard is only a temporary expression of emotion. I am anxiously waiting to
      hear from you in regard to this at the earliest.

      Kindly please remember daily four Narasimha Mantras.

      May All-Merciful Sree Guru Gauranga bless you. My love to you

      Affectionately yours,

      Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha
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