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  • Hemant Agrawal
    I am glad to learn that all the devotees of Kotovsk (Ukraine) get together to engage them in the service of Guru, Vaishnavas and Bhagavan (Bog). This material
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2004

      I am glad to learn that all the devotees of Kotovsk (Ukraine) get together to engage them in the service of Guru, Vaishnavas and Bhagavan (Bog). This material universe is the prison house of the culprits. Here most of the living beings, almost all, are prisoners. As they are averse to Sri Krishna, they have got this punishment. Actually they are eternal servants of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna, but due to aversion to Sri Krishna caused by misuse of their relative independence, they become entangled in the trap of the external deluding potency of Supreme Lord. They have forgotten their relation with Sri Krishna and want to enjoy this world. Owing to this offence, they passed through cycles of births and deaths and after 8 millions of births in different species they have got this precious human birth. God is satisfied by creating human beings, as they have got the discriminating power between good and bad, eternal and non-eternal. They have got the capacity to worship Bog Who is All-Existence, All-Knowledge and All-Bliss. This human birth is not meant for eating, sleeping, defending and mating like beasts and birds. But the fact is, as they passed through different species and enjoyed material pleasures and also suffered tremendous afflictions for getting innumerable births and deaths. So every conditioned soul has got drawback of the influence of bad impressions imbibed through previous innumerable births. But Lord has given them the capacity to understand the distinction between good and bad. So human birth is eligible for worshipping God. By seeing the drawbacks in the conditioned souls, we should not be disheartened. Waves of bad impressions and good impressions exist in the minds of the conditioned souls. Only the fortunate votary tries to suppress the evil impressions and enhance good impressions. This sort of endeavour of the votary will enable him to get the highest objective. Sri Krishna has said in the Gita, 'A sincere soul will never be deceived'. Also He said-

      api cet su-duräcäro bhajate mäm ananya-bhäk

      sädhur eva sa mantavyaù samyag vyavasito hi saù

      kñipraà bhavati dharmätmä çaçvac-chäntià nigacchati

      kaunteya pratijänéhi na me bhaktaù praëaçyati

      -Gita 9 / 30-31

      Even conditioned soul who has taken the vow of worshipping Krishna with one-pointed devotion, may commit a very abominable sin due to the impact of his previous bad impressions. But inspite of that, he should not be considered 'asadhu' (Non-sadhu). Of course, he must not give up his exclusive devotion to Sri Krishna and should continue worshipping Him. He will ultimately become a virtuous devotee and will get eternal peace.' Krishna asked Arjuna to declare solemnly that His devotee with one-pointed devotion to Him will never have spiritual fall.'

      All conditioned souls of the world have got good and bad qualities. When bad qualities predominate, his nomenclature is 'bad person' and when good qualities predominate, his nomenclature is 'good person'. No conditioned soul can be without demerits. Only realized souls are perfect, but they are very rare. It is the instruction of our Guruvarga, if you are serious of getting progress in spiritual or devotional worship, don't see defects in other persons, see their qualities. The votary should see his own defects. Then he can rectify himself and there will be no fear of committing offence to any devotee. A Hansa (swan) has the capacity to take out the milk from the mixture of milk and water. Vaishnavas have got such qualification, for that they are regarded as 'Paramhansa'.

      We should carefully go through the divine last message of Srila Bhakti Siddhant Saraswati Goswami Thakur to all ascetic and household devotees- 'All of you should remain in close co-operation with the objective to propitiate Supreme Lord (Absolute Undivided Knowledge) with wholehearted allegiance to the Grace Incarnate Form Gurudeva (Ashraya-vigraha)- the Absolute Counterpart of Supreme Lord. All of you, only with the object of satisfying Supreme Lord, somehow maintain your livelihood in this most perishable non-eternal world. Don't give up worship of God inspite of hundreds of troubles, hundreds of humiliations and hundreds of abuse. Don't be discouraged by seeing that most of the conditioned souls in this world are not accepting the service of Sri Krishna sincerely, without deceitfulness. Never give up your own worship, never give up your only wealth, 'be-all and end-all' of your life- hearing and chanting of the glories of Sri Krishna. Always do Harikirtan with the qualities of being humbler than blade of grass and more forbearing than tree.'


      Affectionately Yours

      B.B. Tirtha

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