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Transcendental anger

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  • Hemant Agrawal
    It is a very rare sight to see His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj angry but when he becomes angry he takes the form of Narasinghadev.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2003
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      It is a very rare sight to see His Divine Grace Srila Bhakti Ballabh Tirtha Goswami Maharaj angry but when he becomes angry he takes the form of Narasinghadev. Ofcourse, his anger is to teach the conditioned souls like us. Following are few such rare occassions.

      In Allahabad, one religious group invited His Divine Grace for Hari Katha. They gave the schedule that from 8.00 pm to 9.00 pm there will be kirtan followed by Hari Katha till 10.00pm. His Divine Grace accepted to bless the assembly with his Holy words. On the day of program everything started in time and bhajans were performed till 9.00 pm when Srila Gurudev came to the podium. The kirtans were performed till 9.30 pm. At 9.30 pm one of the persons in the kirtan group told that they would like to perform more bhajans for which Gurudev agreed. At 9.45 pm, however, everything was over and they told Guruji may speak with a condition that he should stop by 10.00 pm. His Divine Grace told that it would take 10-15 mins for his mangalacaran itself and it is better to do kirtans. Everyone opted for kirtan. Gurudev in a very angry mood said "Who can listen to Hari Katha? When Sukadev Maharaj was speaking Srimad Bhagavatam, no ordinary soul was sitting there. They are all qualified persons. Persons of the calibre of Pariksit Maharaj, Narada were sitting and who was speaking - Sukadev, not an ordinary soul. To listen to Hari Katha we don't have time. We have time for all mundane things in the world." Speaking this Guru Maharaj said they can do the kirtans. This made one of the disciples in the assembly embarassing for not properly receiving a sadhu. They invited a sadhu to speak Hari Katha but never allowed him to do so. He also chastised them in the assembly simultaneously glorifying the speaker's mood, qualification and mercy. All the persons in the assembly feeling ashamed requested Maharaj to speak on whatever he likes for how much ever time he wants. His Divine Grace started his mangalacaran in a very grave mood as though the previous incident never happened. He was completely unaffected by what had happened just few minutes before that.

      In another occasion, during festival time devotees from all over the country reached the Math in Sri Mayapur. Few days before the festival period started overhead tank in the math was cleaned and the devotee who cleaned it forgot to turn the tap on after finishing the cleaning. There was no water in the math for two days and no one has taken care. Brahmacaris and sannyasis were drawing water from the well and supplying to all who have come for the festival.  Guru Maharj came out of the room, his eyes red and in a very fearful mood, like Narasinghadev, started shouting "Past two days there is no water in the math and no one has taken care of it so far. Devotees have come from various parts of the country and they are not getting basic faciltities. We see that sannyasis are drawing water from the well and supplying but no one is taking care. This is a Vasinav aparadh. We have to serve senior Vaisnavas but here they are serving us. Why don't you call a plumber and get the taps repaired?" Saying this His Divine Grace left to his room in an angry mood. All devotees got frightened and everyone were fearing to show their face to him. It was similar to Narasinghadev's lila where no one dared to approach Narasingha Bhagavan after He killed Hiranyakasipu. However all devotees requested one dear godbrother of Guru Maharaj and asked him to pacify Guruji. When he entered the room Guruji was as normal as he would be. Devotee told sorry on behalf of all the mathvasis and told that devotees are afraid of him. He asked forgiveness from their side to which Guruji said laughing "Hm! kabhi kabhi gussa karna padta hai. Nahi to ye mantey nahin hai. Abhi dekho agli bar se eisa nahin hoga." There was no tinge of anger that he was exhibiting earlier. He was as casual as he would usually be.

      Bolo! Guru Maharaj ki jai!!!

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