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924volunteers needed for Spring Snapshot - May 14

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  • Rick Dietz
    Apr 26, 2011
      Volunteers are needed for the Spring Squaw Creek/IOWATER Snapshot,
      scheduled for Saturday May 14. As in the past we'll meet at Brookside
      Park at 9AM and will try to finish up by 1PM.

      Please let us know whether you can participate, whether you would like
      to borrow an IOWATER kit for the day, or whether you will need to
      replace any expired test equipment. We'll probably be placing the
      resupply order no later than Monday May 9.

      Those of you who have not had the IOWATER training (or have not been
      testing) are welcome to join us. We will also be needing a volunteer to
      receive the field data and samples as they are returned to the park.