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919Fwd: (IMPORTANT) IRR Legislative Update 3-15-11

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  • Rick Dietz
    Mar 15, 2011
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      I hope you don't feel bombarded with these emails (and I know some of you receive them directly from the IRR, IEC and other sources), but I think it's really important that we be heard. I feel the same as Jerry, that most of our legislators (and most of the general public) have no idea how extensive these programs are or what the impacts of this legislation would be. They've not even attempted to justify the transfer other than to say they think they can save some money.

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      Subject:IRR Legislative Update 3-15-11
      Date:Tue, 15 Mar 2011 12:07:37 -0500
      From:Iowa Rivers Revival <rlehman@...>

      IRR Legislative Update from Jerry Peckumn, Board Chair

      March 15, 2011


      Many legislators do not know how far reaching SF 500 and HF 643 are in dismantling DNR water programs.  The bills would not only move the Water Resources Council to the Department of Agriculture but also the 319 EPA program for voluntary non-point source protection and all of the water monitoring funding to the Department of Agriculture!  This includes even Project Aware funding.  HF 643 passed the House and has gone to the Senate, the only lobbyists registering in favor of this bill work for the Iowa Farm Bureau.  An almost identical bill came out of the Senate Ag committee with full support of both Democrats and Republicans.  Again the only lobbyists registered in favor of this bill work for the Iowa Farm Bureau.  This bill needs to be vetted better as many do not know how dramatic it would change clean water programs in Iowa and the tremendous cost to the tax payer to make the administrative change.  This bill only makes sense if agriculture wants to control the message.  The Senate Appropriations Committee now is reviewing the bill.  Committee members need to hear how bad SF 500 is, and how important water monitoring and water quality are to Iowa.  Contact the Senate Appropriations Committee.


      There is no money for rivers in the budget this year.  We are still asking for an appropriation for River Restoration and Dam mitigation.  Our best hopes are our friends in the Senate now, as the House will not consider an appropriation.  Continue to call or visit your Senators and make key contacts to members of the Infrastructure Budget Subcommittee:  Senator Matt McCoy, Senator Daryl Beall & Senator Robert Dvorsky in support of River Restoration appropriation


      For River Restoration, River Trails, and Dam Safety/Flood Mitigation

      Department of Natural Resources:


      For the administration of a water trails, dam hazard & problem mitigation, river trash clean-up, river education, and river bank, fish habitat, and drinking water protection, implementing river trails and low-head dam plans, including salaries, support, maintenance, miscellaneous purposes, partnerships with governmental and non-profit organizations, not withstanding section 8.57?, subsection 6?, paragraph "c"?




      There are several bills limiting the ability of environmental rule making, most make rules very difficult, SF 232 would sunset all rules after five years. 


      The Ag & Nat Res Appropriation bill SSB 1192 came out of the subcommittee last Thursday AM with $12.375M for REAP. 


      LOBBYIST REPORT from Don Brazelton


      SF 500 (SSB 1126), HF 643 (formerly HSB 148), WATER RESOURCES COUNCIL.  Moves the Water Resources Coordinating Council to the Dept of Ag and makes the Secretary of Ag the chair. Transfers portions of the Water Quality Protection 319 Program from DNR to Ag.  TMDLs for nonpoint source pollution will be under Ag & point source under DNR.  Eligible for S & H debate.

      -    also transfers all of the $2.955 million appropriation for water monitoring from DNR to IDALS.  This funding is currently being used by DNR to fund all of the DNR water monitoring and assessment program staff and all of the monitoring costs for a variety of programs from regular river and lake monitoring, stream bioassessments, beach monitoring, etc. 


      SF 386 (formerly SF 53), WATERSHEDS.  Appropriates $3 mil for watershed planning.  Requires the DNR to establish goals for reducing flood damage through retention structures or wetlands.  Requires the Water Resource Coordinating Council to submit reports to the Legislature on landowner incentives and state watershed programs.  Appropriates $30 million for voluntary watershed management grants.  Appropriates $4.2 million to DALS for watershed project technical assistance to landowners, soil and water conservation districts, county conservation boards and DNR;  $2 million to DNR for floodplain management; $50,000 to DNR to a mentor network program for floodplain managers; and $1.3 million to the Regents for the Iowa Flood Center at UI.  Requires Emergency Mgt Div (EMD) to work with the DNR to educate cities & counties on the community rating system in the FEMA flood insurance program.  Requires EMD to provide matching funds to cities in federal disaster areas due to flooding and to develop a pre-disaster mitigation grant program.  Goes to SAC.


      HF 500, EPC & NRC RULEMAKING.  Transfers the rulemaking authority of the NRC and the EPC to the director of the DNR.  Eligible for H debate.


      HF 538 (formerly HSB 163), SF 412 (formerly SSB 1181),  LAKE DISTRICTS.  Makes benefitted lake and water quality districts public entities.  Increases the number of trustees of such districts to 7.  Allows property owners in the district to be trustees.  Allows districts to issue general obligation or revenue bonds, subject to a debt limitation.  Eligible for H & S debate. 


      HSB 220, RIIF APPROPS.  Makes the FY 2012 appropriations from RIIF.  To be debated by HAC next week.  We asked to have an amendment on the river trails/dam mitigation program, but was told it was unlikely in the HAC or on the floor.  They will talk to the S about the program.


      HF 485, ADMINISTRATIVE RULES.  Establishes a 5-year sunset for all administrative rules. Rescinds all rules in effect on July 1 2011 as of July 1 2016. Allows any House or Senate committee to review any administrative rule and make recommendations.  Eligible for H debate.


      SF 7, HF 78, BLOOD ALCOHOL LIMIT - BOATING.  Sets the blood alcohol limit at .08 for motorboats or sailboats operating while intoxicated offenses.  Both bills in HNR subcom-J Smith, Baudler, Steckman.


      SSB 1192, HSB 190, AG & DNR APPROPRIATIONS.  Makes the appropriations to DALS, the DNR  REAP $12.375 mil. Eliminate the chief and assistant chief of the DNR law enforcement bureau. Requires reports on Ag drainage wells.  HSB has REAP at $11.5 mil.  Bill to start in S.  Passed the subcom, goes to SAC.




      HSB 220, RIIF Approps Bill.

      REAP                                     12.375M

      Volunteers                         100K

      Park Ops & Maint             3.110M

      GIS Info Watershed        195K

      Water Monitoring            2.955M

      Water Quality Prot          500K

      Air Monitoring                   425K

      Water Quantity                 495K

      Res Cons and Dev            -0-

      Animal Feeding Op          520K

      Forestry Mgt                      100K

      Cons Res Enhance                1M

      Watershed Protection          900K

      Farm Mgt Demo.              725K

      Ag Drainage Wells              -0-

      Soil Cost Share                 6.3M

      Cons Reserve                    1M

      Admin Expense                2M

      So IA Cons Auth                  -0-

      Loess Hills Alliance           300K


      Env First Fund                           33M

      Recreation Trails                        2M

      Lake Restoration                    8.6M

      Floodplain/Dam Safety           2M

      State Park Infrastructure        -0-

      River CAT                                 -0-

      CAT                                       -0-


      No river trails or dam mitigation monies.

      No River CAT monies.

      No Watershed Improvement Board.


      Contacts to Infrastructure Budget Sub membersSenator Matt McCoy, Senator Daryl Beall & Senator Robert Dvorsky


      HF 589 (formerly HF 431), SF 431, INTERFERING WITH AGRICULTURE.  Prohibits tampering with an animal facility or crop operation. Prohibits making an audio or video record and distributing that recording, or exercising control over a location with the intent to deprive the owner or the property, or entering onto a property if the person knows if is not open to the public. Sets penalties.  Prohibits using fraud to enter such an operation,  Establishes penalties. Eligible for H & S debate.


      HF 464, SF 321, FARM WASTEWATER EXEMPTION.  Exempts on-farm processing operations from state wastewater discharge rules, if the waste meets standards on biochemical oxygen demand.  Eligible for H debate.  Passed the S.


      HF 529 (formerly HF 305), FLOODPLAIN MAPS.  CORRECTION.  Passed HEGC.  Prohibits the DNR, cities, counties and other state agencies from using a FEMA floodplain map for any purpose until the use of the map is approved by the Legislature.  Eligible for H debate.


      HF 532, AG PROGRAM REPEALS.  Eliminates the organic nutrient management fund, the regulation of bulk dry manure, and provisions on agrichemical remediation.  Eligible for H debate.


      SF 232, RULES REVIEW.  Requires agencies to review rules on a five-year cycle, and to consult with stakeholders and others.  Eligible for S debate.


      SF 407 (formerly SF 11), COUNTY SEWAGE REGULATION. Allows the delegation of enforcement duties of sewage disposal systems that are not private systems from the DNR to counties.  This includes issuance of permits, inspections, and adoption of standards.  Passed the S, goes to the H.




      Governor Terry Brandstad:   515.281.5211 or http://www.governor.iowa.gov/contact/

      Iowa General Assembly (find a bill):  http://www.legis.iowa.gov/index.aspx

      Iowa Senators and Representatives:  Find your legislators (if you would like a spreadsheet of all the current legislators, please let me know)

      Iowa Senate:  515.281.3371

      Iowa House: 515.281.3221


      Please share this legislative update with individuals, organizations or groups that would be interested in receiving this information.


      Thank you!


      Rosalyn Lehman

      Executive Director

      Iowa Rivers Revival

      PO Box 72, Des Moines, IA 50301


      rlehman@...  |  www.iowarivers.org