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913Fwd: Assist with River Protection/America's Great Outdoors publicity?

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  • Rick Dietz
    Oct 8, 2010
      I'm forwarding a message from the American Rivers organization asking for someone to submit an Op-Ed to the DM Register in support of the President's American Great Outdoors Initiative. I've already sent a letter of personal support - from the American Rivers website I think. 

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      Subject:Assist with River Protection/America's Great Outdoors publicity?
      Date:Fri, 8 Oct 2010 21:10:58 +0000
      From:Evan Manvel <EManvel@...>
      To:'execboard@...' <execboard@...>

      Allies at the Skunk River Paddlers-
      Sorry to send an email to y'all, but I've been having trouble finding someone in Iowa to submit an Op-Ed in support of river protection and recreation, and thought you might help.
      Brief Background
      We have a key chance to influence the Obama administration on river protection issues and leave a legacy for our children.
      The President's America's Great Outdoors Initiative is a critical opportunity to enhance stewardship of our nation's rivers and increase opportunities for the public to enjoy them. Echoing the efforts of Teddy Roosevelt’s administration over100 years ago, the Obama Administration is reaching out to the public to listen to our priorities in setting a strong conservation agenda.
      Just as Roosevelt’s efforts led to the creation of five national parks and the protection of the Grand Canyon, as well as a host of national forests and monuments, we’re working to get the Obama Administration to take bold action. Specifically, we’re asking the Administration to launch a National Blueways Initiative to improve recreation and protect river corridors and to designate more places as wild and scenic rivers.
      We need your help to convince our nation's leaders to act boldly to protect our outdoor heritage. Having a strong turnout of people who know and appreciate our rivers will be key to having the Administration take action.
      More Background
      President Obama established the America's Great Outdoors (AGO) initiative in April to develop a conservation and recreation agenda that will reconnect Americans with our great outdoors. The Administration's first step in the AGO initiative is to listen to those of us who are actually using public lands and waters. AGO events were organized across the nation this summer. Some events were officially held by the Administration, while others were held by organizations including river advocacy groups like ours, with Administration attendance.

      This is a key opportunity to provide direct input from our community canoeists and kayakers, hunters and fishers, hikers and backpackers to decision makers in Washington. With your input we can better guide the decisions that affect your favorite rivers, routes, trails and wild places.
      For additional background, see the American Rivers page here:
      And the official administration page here:
      We see public support of river protection and recreation as a key piece at this point in the campaign. We think final decisions about the Administration's direction will be taken by mid-to-late October, so we're looking to submit these op-eds ASAP. We've love it if you could submit an Op-Ed to the Des Moines Register talking about the importance of water trails and river protection in Iowa. I've drafted something and can work with you on language.
      If you can let me know by Monday whether this is something you're interested in doing, that would be fabulous.
      Thanks for your time - and sorry for the short notice.

      Evan Manvel
      American Rivers

      (503) 515-8548

      Evan Manvel
      America's Great Outdoors Grassroots Organizer
      American Rivers
      (503) 515-8548 (c)
      Share your favorite river photos with us at www.AmericanRivers.org/photoupload