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Here is a reminder about the second annual Chicagoland One Small Step walk benefiting Prader-Willi Syndrome research.  Our event will be Saturday, June 28th
Jane Larson
Jun 10, 2014

Fw: News

Hi! News: http://sibsar.ru/jc/viewpage.php tommanning06@...
Apr 10, 2014

Re: Terrible Grief...Tom Manning [1 Attachment]

Sorry to hear that. I've been hacked too in the past on AT&T but have not lost anything but having to change my password! I have a primary address that I do
William Neurauter
Apr 8, 2014

Re: Terrible Grief...Tom Manning [1 Attachment]

Sorry for your hacking-I recognized that was not real. I'm replying so you'll have my email address again. Good luck! Anita Smith, McHenry BNB Sent from my
Anita Smith
Apr 2, 2014

Re: Terrible Grief...Tom Manning

I am a square dance caller from Burlington, Iowa. Sorry for the confusion with the e-mail. My aol account was hacked and the trip to Pasay City was a hoax
Apr 1, 2014
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Re: Terrible Grief...Tom Manning

I'm in Illinois. Where are you? ... Willy Neurauter SCISDA Insurance Coordinator Home: 630-495-1182; Business: 630-261-1982; Fax 630-261-1982
William Neurauter
Apr 1, 2014

Re: Terrible Grief...Tom Manning

I am trying to put a face with the name like always I know people but not by name are you a square dance ? if your a square dancer that the webb page up in
Bill Meisner
Mar 27, 2014

Re: Terrible Grief...Tom Manning

Hi Bill, This is a typical scam technique. What I would try to do is to call his home phone or cell phone (or maybe someone else who may be able to verify
Edward Haering
Mar 27, 2014

Re: Terrible Grief...Tom Manning

Because it's a scam. Someone managed to break Tom's password on his AOL email account, and send this (fake) message to everyone on his mailing list. It's a
Barry Johnson
Mar 27, 2014

Re: Terrible Grief...Tom Manning

Why did I receive this? Bill ... Why did I receive this? Bill Tom Manning wrote: Good morning, I Hope you get this on time, I made a
William Neurauter
Mar 27, 2014

Terrible Grief...Tom Manning

- This mail is in HTML. Some elements may be ommited in plain text. - Good morning, I Hope you get this on time, I made a trip to Pasay City and had my bag
Tom Manning
Mar 27, 2014

please update my email address

please use my aol email sbc will not be avail after sept 1   nhcaller@... .... or see my web site at nickhartley.net   thanks nick and dee hartley please
nick hartley
Aug 19, 2013

I have been hacked do not send money!

I have been hacked, do not send money, I am fine.  Sorry for the inconvenience. Jane I have been hacked, do not send money, I am fine. Sorry for the
Jane Larson
Aug 13, 2013


Hi Tom, Looks like your email might have gotten hacked. Jim ... Subject: [squaredancechicago] From: tommanning06@... Date: Fri, May 24, 2013 5:58 pm To:
Jim Williams
May 25, 2013

(no subject)

Dear Sir or Madam: http://www.fangpaishen.com/fromtopic.html 24.05.2013 17:58:53
May 24, 2013
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