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Re: MUGH-SQLCON sql doubt

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  • mohd rizwan
    Mansoor.....use this query.. USE GO SELECT OBJECTPROPERTY(id, IsTrigger ), name FROM SYSOBJECTS WHERE OBJECTPROPERTY(id, IsTrigger ) = 1 Or
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 11, 2007
      Mansoor.....use this query..

      USE <Database_Name>


      SELECT Name FROM SYSOBJECTS WHERE xtype = 'TR' order by name


      shaik mansoor <shaik_mhmansoor@...> wrote:
      Thanks for the response vijay. Is there any other way to find out the triggers that belongs to the a particular database.

      Thanks again for your response in advance.Are u aware of full text catalog in sql server 2000?


      vijayasekar shanmughasundharaj <vjsekars@...> wrote:
      sp_helptrigger 'object_name' will give you triggers on a table.


      On 6/6/07, shaik mansoor <shaik_mhmansoor@...> wrote:
      > Hi group,
      > a) where we can see the triggers created for the particular
      > table,generally where the created triggers can be seen in sql server 2000.?
      > b) Is anyone who is having the fair knowlegde about full text catelogs in
      > sql server 2000 can help me out to understand the same or else can you send
      > any good documents on that, becuase I tried in books online but i could not
      > get the concept clearly.
      > Thanks in advance. please respond for this if u r aware of this.
      > Thanks,
      > Mansoor.
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