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6447Design a table for Lookup in sql server 2008

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  • sree
    Jun 1, 2009
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      Hi Team,
      I am facing some problems on designing the look up table.

      We are going to move data by using lookup table and for that I have designed few columns based on the data like this..

      ID,tablename,S_char, S_int, T_int, T_char, T_bit

      When I insert my data to corresponding fields with 4K rows, rest of the columns are having NULL values. Is there any issue with performance wise or any otherÂ…

      Instead of that can I go with 2 columns one is source and 2nd one is target value with "nvarchar" data types.

      Which approach is good and how best I can go with that. Is it required any check constraint for the 2nd approach?

      Please help me in that and one more we don't have any relationship with this table, it's an independent table.

      Thanks in advance.

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