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176Re: securing sql server on xp machine

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  • baghzaad
    May 5, 2004
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      For yr frontpage problem u have to create accounts first on the
      machine where it is installed. These accounts are not windows account
      but accounts that u have created in frontpage. Your initial FrontPage
      passwords will be the same as your initial web server password. I
      think u read the documentation of frontpage extensions well before
      using it. I have also uploaded a file in the files section of SQLCon
      for your reference to advantages and disadvantages of activating
      FrontPage Server Extensions.

      --- In sqlcon@yahoogroups.com, "imformhyd" <praveenonline@h...> wrote:
      > --- In sqlcon@yahoogroups.com, "imformhyd" <praveenonline@h...>
      > > I have sql server developer 2000 on my XP machine, iam on a
      > > IP and this makes my system vunreable to attacks, today my ISP
      > > reported that the sql server on my machine was being used to send
      > > spam in huge amount, what can i do to stop my machine which is
      > being
      > > used by spammers etc.. thanks in advance.
      > >
      > > also i have sub-domain hosted on my machine, i have installed
      > > frontpage extensions, when i try to connect to my frontpage site
      > > my machine using the sub-domain name and IP address, it asks for
      > > frontpage extensions login, iam trying to provide the windows
      > i
      > > use to log into my system, but are rejected, how do i set this
      > > also someone have recommendations to secure my IIS too on my XP
      > box..
      > > please dont ask me to install win2k or 03 as solution.
      > >
      > >
      > > can reply me on chat too if possible
      > >
      > > praveenonlyne@y...
      > > praveenonline@m...
      > baghzaad that worked for sql .. waiting for the IIS ..solution.
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