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171securing sql server on xp machine

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  • imformhyd
    May 3, 2004
      I have sql server developer 2000 on my XP machine, iam on a public
      IP and this makes my system vunreable to attacks, today my ISP
      reported that the sql server on my machine was being used to send
      spam in huge amount, what can i do to stop my machine which is being
      used by spammers etc.. thanks in advance.

      also i have sub-domain hosted on my machine, i have installed
      frontpage extensions, when i try to connect to my frontpage site on
      my machine using the sub-domain name and IP address, it asks for
      frontpage extensions login, iam trying to provide the windows login i
      use to log into my system, but are rejected, how do i set this one.
      also someone have recommendations to secure my IIS too on my XP box..
      please dont ask me to install win2k or 03 as solution.

      can reply me on chat too if possible

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