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  • northdude7
    Jul 30, 2014

      Hello, fellow translators---I am in one of those situations we all get into from time to time in which I know how to say something in Spanish, yet have no clue how to say it in English--yet it should be a common item.  When we work on cars, one aspect of the power steering is the "sin fin" (I assume that's short or "tornillo sin fin").  Okay--I know what it is--but what would I call it in English?  Right now, if I were having a conversation about it in English, I would code switch to Spanish and call it a "sin fin", then jump right back to English---but I hate having to do that, and I'm thinking that there's got to be a common, ordinary English expression for this.

      The dictionary calls it a 'worm gear", but I've spoken English all my life, and I've never heard of the power steering in a car incorporating a "worm gear" before---not that I'm all that experienced with auto mechanics, though--that might just be the expression I need.

      This is bugging me---can anybody help?


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