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42339Re: [SpTranslators] Re: How are you?

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  • Terry S / TexasT
    Nov 12, 2013
      On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 1:14 PM, <samuelbisono@...> wrote:
      > I do not know if the group is receiving spams from my account.
      > I am defenitely not sending them.

      If and when the group receives spam sent from member accounts,
      the spam message is deleted from the group archives and the
      member is notified that his or her messages will be moderated until
      the situation is straightened out.

      If you receive such notification, you'll need to check your computer
      for viruses and your email account to see if it's been hijacked.

      We generally assume the member is not the one sending spam, but
      we announce it to the list so all members know they don't need to
      report it to moderators - it has already been taken care of.

      - - -
      Terry AKA TexasT / Co-moderator and Freelance Spam Slayer ;-)
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