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42310México: "ayuda de renta"

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  • Gerard Michael Burns
    Jul 16, 2013
      Hi everyone,

      In an individual employment contract, one sentence reads:

      "la EMPRESA se compromete con el TRABAJADOR pagarle: previsión social,
      **ayuda de renta**, transporte y otros conceptos de naturaleza análoga,
      de acuerdo al artículo 8 de la L.I.S.R."

      I looked at article 8 of the Ley del Impuesto Sobre la Renta (LIFR), and
      saw nothing relevant.From looking around other sites, it seems as if in
      some contexts this may just be help filling out the tax form. But of
      course here it seems as something to be paid, but could refer (as far as
      I know, I usually do medical) to either rental assistance or even to
      subsidizing the tax payment.

      I am still looking, but am hoping someone here will know what this means
      in such a contract.

      Thanks in advance,

      Michael Burns
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