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  • Xavier Sanchez
    Dear colleagues, After a month of hard work, ENYSSP, the European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology is in the position of contacting you for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2003
      Dear colleagues,

      After a month of hard work, ENYSSP, the European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology is in the position of contacting you for the first time.

      Last month, we have been building the bases for the future development of the network. We are currently:

      1) disseminating our existence throughout the World
      2) working in the website
      3) establishing contacts with the main scientific governing bodies and their own students - young representatives
      4) preparing the final version of the statutes
      5) establishing the way the "working groups" will be developed
      6) looking at the specific relation with FEPSAC
      7) studying the fees for next 3 years (until next FEPSAC congress in Greece)
      8) studying the best way to operate the network
      9) preparing a Managing Council meeting here in the UK to conclude all this topics by Xmas!

      As you can see, lots of actions are going on... so, do not hesitate to disseminate to colleagues and friends this information, to be aware of the existence of the network.

      The European Network of Young Specialist in Sport Psychology (ENYSSP) held the official inauguration meeting on July 2003 at the European Federation of Sport Psychology (FEPSAC) congress in Copenhagen.
      The ENYSSP is a new initiative aiming to support professional development in research, education and applied work of young people in the sport and exercise psychology area in Europe.

      ENYSSP is composed of individual members with an interest in Sport and Exercise Psychology, or Sport Sciences in general, developed in Europe (including both European and non-European citizens). Members must agree with the aims of ENYSSP and respect its statutes. Individuals are accepted as full members until they turn 40 years of age. Individuals above the limit of age (or not fulfilling other requirements for a full membership) can be supportive members.
      Membership fee is free for 2003.

      To join ENYSSP contact Xavier Sanchez or Bjorn Carlsson.
      To take part in a working group contact the respective coordinator.

      Work contacts of ENYSSP Managing Council members for the period 2003-07 are:

      President: Xavier Sanchez, UK at sanchezx@...
      Secretary General: Bjorn Carlsson, Sweden at bjorn.carlsson@...
      Treasurer: Caroline Jannes, Belgium at caroline.jannes@...
      Past Coordinator: Duarte Ara├║jo, Portugal at daraujo@...

      Research working group coordinators:
      -Rita Oliveira, The Netherlands at r.oliveira@...
      -Magnus Lindwall, Sweden at mali@...

      Education working group coordinators:
      -Jeroen Meganck, Belgium at jeroen.meganck@...
      -Elke van Hoof, Belgium at elke.van.hoof@...

      Applied working group coordinators:
      -Els Snauwaert, Belgium at sport.support@...
      -Cristina Rolo, USA at crrolo@...

      Looking forward to keep on expanding the network,
      The ENYSSP Managing Council

      Lecturer in Sport Psychology
      Department of Sport & Physical Education
      Wilson Centre, School of Sciences & Sport
      St Helens Road, Ormskirk, Lancashire
      L39 4QP (United Kingdom)

      Phone (direct line): +44 (0) 1695-58.43.96
      Phone (secretary): +44 (0) 1695-58.42.12
      Fax: +44 (0) 1695-58.48.12

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