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2001 Race & Gender Report Card

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    The Center for the Study of Sport in Society’s 2001 Race and Gender Report Card Northeastern University’s Center for the Study of Sport in Society has
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2001
      The Center for the Study of Sport in Society�s
      2001 Race and Gender Report Card

      Northeastern University�s Center for the Study of Sport in Society has
      released its latest edition of the internationally acclaimed Racial & Gender
      Report Card. It is available for purchase for only $19.95 (plus $2
      shipping). Additional forms are available at our website
      (www.sportinsociety.org) or you can call (617) 373-4025 and we will fax or
      mail you an order sheet.

      This exclusive survey documents comprehensive research that analyzes the
      hiring practices of women and people of color in the NBA, NFL, Major League
      Baseball, NHL, Major League Soccer, WNBA, and the NCAA and its member
      institutions. We are also offering, for the first time, findings for the
      U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) and its National Governing Bodies.

      The Racial & Gender Report Card collects the data on racial and gender
      composition for all major sports. It has become a standard and necessary
      reference for anyone involved in sports. The Report Card will provide you
      with comprehensive analysis and detailed results at your finger tips. Every
      page contains vital information that is ever-more important in this day and
      age. The information is not only written out but also clearly represented
      in over 60 easy to read charts

      The study gets the name �Report Card� because of the grading process that is
      given to every league studied. They are ranked and graded for the
      composition of both their teams and their upper level offices. This grading
      system allows for a quick comparison of different sports and easy to read
      results that can be understood by everyone.

      Director Emeritus and founder of the Center for the Study of Sport in
      Society, Richard Lapchick, wrote the report with the help of head researcher
      Kevin J. Matthews. Dr. Lapchick is known throughout the sporting world as
      one of the nation�s foremost experts on the historical and current racial
      composition of sports leagues. Mr. Matthews is also the director of the
      Center�s Sports CAP program, which is a national diversity program designed
      to provide women, people of color, and people with disabilities improved
      access to the sporting industry.

      For more information or to order please visit:


      Center for the Study of Sport in Society
      Northeastern University
      716 Columbus Avenue, 161 CP
      Boston, MA 02120
      Phone: 617-373-4025
      Fax: 617-373-4566
      E-Mail: sportinsociety@...

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