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Energized T-shirt

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  • Will Hopkins
    In these dark times for humanity, here s a bit of light relief. To: editor@sportsci.org Subject: Free Energized Running Shirt Swentana, a Columbia, MD Healer
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2001
      In these dark times for humanity, here's a bit of light relief.

      To: editor@...
      Subject: Free Energized Running Shirt

      Swentana, a Columbia, MD Healer has offered hundreds of athletes (distance
      runners) an attractive energized shirt at no cost. She also pays the
      postage and handling fees---the transaction costs you nothing! Initial
      results show that 85% of the replies are positive as to these shirts
      ability to energize the runners that have used them!

      She seeks an honest opinion of her shirts, i.e., athletes use the shirt in
      their training and tell her what affect it had on their progress, personal
      strength, mental attitude, etc. Her purpose is to develop an integrity
      file of what the shirt can do for serious athletes---many of her patients
      use these garments. The athlete s name or affiliation is not used or
      associated with the information they provide. The T-shirt provided is made
      100% domestic cotton and it has no special chemicals, additives, etc. The
      shirts are like what you might buy locally. The difference is that she has
      energized them with her own energy. Yet, they look, smell, and feel the
      same as any ordinary cotton T-shirt. From our reports there are a good
      number of runners giving these shirts credit for their improved performance.

      We know this testing protocol is not science. We tell people that the
      shirt is energized and suggest what it might do for them. No doubt they
      use the shirt with the expectation that it will do something good for
      them. As stated, most confirm the energy giving aspect of the garment and
      others are just as sure that they have felt nothing unusual. Swentana
      expected this kind of result. The best part of this exercise is that the
      majority of these people feel they do benefit from the shirt and it enabled
      them to exceed their limits in some way---either by having more energy,
      accelerated injury recovery, etc.

      You can Email Swentana at oneill@... and she will answer questions
      and send you a shirt based on the stipulations herein. In requesting a
      Miracle Shirt provide you name, organization, full street address, and
      shirt size (S, M, L, or XL)---maximum of two shirts per organization. She
      only asks that the wearer of the shirt report what they feel from the
      experience of training in this shirt.

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