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Aspartame and Gulf War Syndrome

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  • Forbes-Ewan, Chris
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      Subject: Redesigned Gatorade Sport Sci Website

      The Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) is excited to announce a newly
      redesigned website illustrating the new GSSI logo. With these changes, the
      GSSI emphasizes its history of commitment to scientific research since its
      establishment by The Gatorade Company in 1988.


      At a recent meeting in Australia ('FILEX 2001') the Director of the Gatorade
      Sports Science Institute is reported to have claimed that if aspartame is
      heated it breaks down to wood
      alcohol and this may be the cause of 'Gulf War Syndrome' (because diet cola
      was heated during storage and transport in the desert).

      If anyone from GSSI is reading this message, would you be able to contact me
      and either clarify the point that was being made, or provide evidence to
      support the claim, please.

      The Australian military health authorities have asked me to follow this up.


      Chris Forbes-Ewan

      Task Coordinator, Nutrition
      Defence Nutrition Research Centre
      76 George St
      SCOTTSDALE Tas 7260

      Phone: Int + 61 3 6352 6607 (03 6352 6607 in Australia)
      Fax: Int + 61 3 6352 3044 (03 6352 3044 in Australia)

      E-mail: chris.forbes-ewan@...

      The opinions expressed in this message are those of the author and should
      not be taken to represent the official position of the Defence Science and
      Technology Organisation or of the Australian Department of Defence

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