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Slow reading of Plato's Timaeus beginning

A slow reading of Plato's Timaeus is just now getting started on my plato-timaeus list. If you would like to join it, you may subscribe by sending email to
Lancelot R. Fletcher
Jun 9, 2006

Re: "Skillful Means"

Dear Sunhunter. You are a remarkable individual! Iris ... academics ... his ... Ethics, ... necessarily ... being; ... infinite ... which ... name ... which
Mar 16, 2004

Re: "Skillful Means"

... The Improvement contains Spinoza's actual methods of work, but most academics seem to feel that the Ethics, with TPT, is the mature expression of his
Jun 28, 2002

Re: "Skillful Means"

Dear SH: Exactly. But take care. Those who make a "spititualist" of Spinoza err just as surely as those who make of him a materialist. Frank P.S. I can be
Frank Dixon
Jun 28, 2002

"Skillful Means"

"...it is well that we should briefly enumerate the means necessary for attaining our end. I. To have an exact knowledge of our nature which we desire to
Jun 27, 2002

A note to readers of this list.

Please forgive the intrusion on this list. I have modified my web site and included the following note there and which I also wish to apply to any past
Terry Neff
Jun 17, 2002

Re: sed intelligere

... between "predetermination" and the concept of "no free will".The Predeterminism in Spinoza operates at a macro level and refers to the modifications of
charles saunders
Apr 18, 2001

Re: sed intelligere

In a message dated 4/11/2001 10:02:48 AM Central Daylight Time, ... Hello Raphael, The best answer I can give you, off the cuff, is that the last three books
Apr 11, 2001

sed intelligere

Yes, I know, "not cry, not to get angry, but understand" But why the ethics? If we are determined why should we have the ethics??? Rafael ...
Rafael Robles
Apr 11, 2001

Re: why ethics in Spinoza?

... I wouldn't say that a human is God any more than I would say that a wave is the ocean. Ultimately, there is no free will. However, from a narrow
Blake McBride
Mar 28, 2001

Re: why ethics in Spinoza?

In a message dated 3/26/2001 1:25:20 AM Central Standard Time, ... Hello Rafael, I have always taken Spinoza to be in line with ancient Stoicism. Because we
Mar 26, 2001

why ethics in Spinoza?

Hello: If the human is God (everything is God in Spinoza), and there is not free will, what is the sense of the ethics? Thanks Rafael
Mar 25, 2001

Re: Idea without words

... Endeavoring to express ideas without using words can obviously be a very creative pursuit. I was just playing a couple of Bach Inventions, which are fine
Feb 10, 2001

Re: Idea without words

Hi All, ... I tell you about my having approached a particular tree in the park and hearing the tree talking. Later you are walking in the park and as you
Feb 9, 2001

Idea without words

Hello Friends,One of the members requested an example of an Idea without words.Since this space is dedicated to the TIE an illustration using Spinoza's example
Charles M. Saunders
Feb 9, 2001
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