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Re: third form of knowledge and how to achieve it

Hi John and All, You wrote in part (snipping for brevity the propositions): ... ...and... ... Thank You for sharing with us these propositions from Spinoza's
Terry Neff
Apr 24, 2009

third form of knowledge and how to achieve it

Friends of Spinoza, It strikes me there are two broad themes in Spinoza's Ethics: 1. All things happen according to God's will, i.e. all things happen by
Apr 23, 2009

Conversation with Spinoza

Hello, Has anybody read Conversation with Spinoza, by Goce Smilevski?
Aug 11, 2007

Re: A few questions

Hi Tahmidal, ... You say that these three statements are facts. Do you mean that they refer to some truth or reality which your own mind affirms, either
Terry Neff
May 18, 2007

A few questions

I am in an argument on Atheism. There I encountered the following facts. 1)That the universe is finite and it has boundary although there is no outside or
Tahmidal Zami
May 17, 2007

Re: New book on Spinoza's Theory of Imagination

Hi Gabriel, I appreciate that you have your own ideas and are studying other peoples ideas about "Spinoza's Theory of Imagination" which you would like to
Terry Neff
Jul 30, 2006

Re: New book on Spinoza's Theory of Imagination/ad 1)

Hi Hans, nice to retake our contact. I think we changed some emails in german a couple of years ago, didn't we? Sometimes german is easier to me than english.
Gabriel Leitão
Jul 29, 2006

Re: New book on Spinoza's Theory of Imagination

Hi Terry, I'm sorry if I'm writing just now. I think you don't grasp the "tone" of the work I'm trying to develop. I did never say the distinction between
Gabriel Leitão
Jul 29, 2006

SPINOZA Complete Works Samuel Shirley translator Michael L. Mor

I want to extend a fond farewell to all of you. I have enjoyed these past few years discussing one of my mentors, Blessed/Baruch/Benedictus Spinoza. Allowing
ethel jean (kowan) saltz
Jul 26, 2006

Is this really a slow reading group?

The last thing we need is another person trying to explain Spinoza using other sources. I thought this discussion group would focus on what Spinoza wrote, and
Spencer R. Lower
Jul 26, 2006

Re: God = Being

Amazingly, this discussion led me to my recently relocated Webster New World Hebrew/English Dictionary. The Hebrew Word for "being" is hay- vav-vav-yood-hay.
ethel jean (kowan) saltz
Jul 25, 2006

Re: A Review, Please: Subject "God" Definition

Re: A Review, Please: Subject "God" Definition Posted by: "Terry Neff" tneff@... tneff Mon Jul 24, 2006 8:32 am (PST) Hi Ethel, Yes, I get it,
Ethel Jean (Kowan) Saltz
Jul 25, 2006

Generally, how John Hopkins uses understanding Spinoza

(Just to say also I appreciate the new format in yahoo group email. Makes discussions so much easier.) How Do I Get This Article? Athens Login Access
ethel jean (kowan) saltz
Jul 25, 2006

Re: Dreamworld/island/common notions

Hi Nathan, ... What I'm simply looking for in/with Spinoza is in what way the changing of circumstances and self-changing do coincide – and additionally,
Jul 25, 2006

Re: New book on Spinoza's Theory of Imagination/ad 1)

Hi Gabriel, Thank you again for your highly interesting post. If you don't mind and if you have the time I would like to learn how and where you read these
Jul 25, 2006
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