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  • Henry R. Kujawa
    spider91372002 wrote: Those album covers that Henry linked to, so I could see the list of tracks ... were these officially released, or fan produced? Either
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 11, 2008
      "spider91372002" wrote:
      "Those album covers that Henry linked to, so I could see the list of
      tracks ... were these officially released, or fan produced? Either way,
      they look terrific. And where, pray tell, can I order copies?"

      Thanks. I did 'em, with a lot of help from some of the people here.
      E-mail me direct and we can set up a trade or something. I prefer
      trading music CDs, but I'll take cold hard CASH if there's absolutely
      no other option (heh).

      "I like the music from the Bakshi episodes, but I always enjoyed the
      comic book, and wish Bakshi had used some more of the villains from
      the comics, rather than going the sword and sorcery route. I like the
      music from the older episodes too, as they were kind of a cross
      between big band and beatnik!"

      Like the man at the coffee shop in "BLUEPRINT FOR DESTRUCTION" said,
      "...and DIG the moa..." (whatever the HELL that means!)

      I felt exactly the same way when the 2nd season started, and after ONE
      new episode by the people who did the 1st season, suddenly, everything
      changed. WTF???

      Only decades later did I begin to see some bizarre parallels in a few
      of those earliest Bakshi-Morrow episodes with some of the earliest
      issues of the comic-book. The 2nd Bakshi-Morrow episode, Pete meets
      JJJ (just like in ASM #1). Sky-Master, as an airborne villain, sort of
      fills in for The Vulture. The Master Technician takes over an
      experimental nuclear power plant-- JUST LIKE Doc Ock did in his debut
      appearance! If these are coincidences, they're pretty wild!

      Of course, I always thought "MENACE FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD" was
      a whacked-out redo of "RETURN OF THE MOLE MAN" from the previous
      year's F.F. cartoon (itself an adaptation of "The Mad Menace of the
      Macabre Mole Man" from the F.F. comic-book). Only recently did I
      figure out "MENACE..." was in fact adapted from "One Of Our
      Skyscrapers Is Missing" from ADVENTURES OF THE FLY #2 (by Joe Simon &
      Al Williamson).

      Meanwhile, "PARDO PRESENTS" now seems to me to have combined elements
      of "The Claws Of The Cat" from ASM #30 (on the cover, Spidey's having
      a rooftop battle around a water tank!), and, "Duel With Daredevil"
      from ASM #16 (villain hypnotizes everyone in the audience, only the
      hero is able to resist-- only in the comic, the hero was Daredevil!).

      Of course, 2 of my favorite 3rd-season eps. are "THE BIG BRAINWASHER",
      which combines elements from the first 3 Kingpin storylines (3!!!),
      and, "THE MADNESS OF MYSTERIO", which is rather faithful to the
      comic... EXCEPT, for them unaccountably totally redesigning the
      villain's appearance. Despite that, one line of dialogue has Spidey
      refer to the guy as "Bowl-Head", which suggests to me that the
      dialogue for that episode MAY have been the very last thing
      Grantray-Lawrence did before they went belly-up... and then Bakshi &
      Morrow finished the job more than a year later.

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