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  • Andy
    Thanks for all the information, Henry! I am dumbfounded at how much painstaking work has gone into making workable bootleg Spider-Man soundtracks. I m
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 6, 2008
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      Thanks for all the information, Henry! I am dumbfounded at how much
      painstaking work has gone into making workable "bootleg" Spider-Man
      soundtracks. I'm guessing the difficulty in identifying many of
      these tracks is what keeps someone from making an official soundtrack
      to this classic show. We've recently moved, so once we get settled I
      will find out more on how I can obtain some of these nice-quality
      CD's I've read about. Again, thanks a bunch, and keep up the great

      --- In spidey-jazz@yahoogroups.com, "Henry R. Kujawa" <profh@...>
      > "Andy" <ahirsch8@> wrote:
      > "Hello true-believers! My name is Andy and I joined this group
      > a year ago. A while back I created my own "bootleg" Spider-man
      > soundtrack by visiting this group and obtaining the names and
      > for many of the KPM 1000 tunes from Spider-Man. I then went to the
      > KPM website and recording their full-length music "samples" in
      > Then I simply duplicated the mono track into both the left and
      > channel to make a poor man's "stereo" MP3 of each tune. Some tunes
      > are very good quality (like "Stop, Look and Listen" by David
      > Lindup). Others, like Syd Dale's "The Hellraisers", were of
      > quality, even after I converted them to my home-made "stereo"
      > A belated "welcome"!
      > I would highly reccomend that you get a copy of the current SPIDER-
      > 1968 disc (from me or someone else) as an AWFUL lot of work went
      > making that sound as good as possible (with 2 different people,
      > including myself, involved in the "remastering" process).
      > "do we know if the rest of the unidentified tracks are from a
      > different KPM series, or even from another library?"
      > This remains a mystery...
      > "the eye proceeds to shoot some kind of anesthetic smoke from the
      > pupil onto the audience. At this point there is a familiar piece of
      > music playing that I believe was also used in the "Marvel
      > show. When that piece of music ends, the screen fades to black for
      > what was probably a commercial break. When action resumes, the eye
      > still blowing smoke onto the audience and a new piece of exciting
      > music begins. As this music is playing, the eye stops blowing smoke
      > and Peter is trying to break his date's hypnotic trance brought
      > by the eye. This piece of music reminds me very much of Faith No
      > More's great 1987 instrumental "Pills For Breakfast". Anyone know
      > what this piece of music is? I think this track was also used in
      > another Spider-Man episode, but I can't recall which one right off
      > top of my head."
      > No idea either, yet... however, the OTHER episode it was used in was
      > "HOME", during the long, long chase sequence (no way I believe he
      > REALLY chased them "halfway across the United States"-- that would
      > silly...) This track, and a pile of others NOT on the SPIDER-MAN
      > comp, turned up on Stephane Dubuc's CLASSIC SPIDER-MAN SOUNDTRACK
      > MUSIC comp, which was made right off the videotapes and has the
      > defects & electrical defects to prove it! I'd been sending copies of
      > that to people who've done trades as a "bonus" disc, a number of
      > people here oughta already have one. (With the new SPIDEY COVERS
      > a pile of instro covers of Ray Ellis' 1st season score, I've been
      > sending THAT lately as a companion disc to the "main" comp.)
      > I know some of the darker "crime drama" sounding tracks were used on
      > 8TH MAN, but none of those have turned up, either! and ever since
      > redid their website, I haven't been able to figure out how to
      > ANYTHING like I used to. (I put together a collection of about 30
      > KPM albums, which I used bits of to do ANOTHER custom comp to use
      as a
      > "soundtrack" to some comics stories I wrote myself. What fun!)
      > Henry
      > PS: The copy of "Stop Look And Listen" I found at the KPM site is
      > kind of remix-- the horn section is way too loud! The mix used on
      > show is on the SPIDER-MAN 1968 comp, and I believe it came from an
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