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the 3 CD's

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  • profh0011
    Something I just sent in an e-mail I thought I d share with the group... I don t usually explain this, but I hope you realize that the 3 discs were put
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2013
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      Something I just sent in an e-mail I thought I'd share with the group...

      I don't usually explain this, but I hope you realize that the 3 discs were put together years apart, and so much work went into the 1st one in particular, that, UNLESS I reach a point where a HELL of a lot of the still-missing tracks turn up, I don't want to bother re-doing the discs from scratch.

      By that I mean, it would make more sense it "1967" were the 1st disc in the set (whereas it's currently the 3rd). Also, it should have far more Ray Ellis music on it than it does...

      Also, some of the later episodes represented are split up between "1968" and "1967" simply because "1968" was assembled in late 2004, and "1967" about 8 years later!!

      For example, if one wanted to, one could assmble a more complete version of SWING CITY... or DIAMOND DUST... or SPIDER-MAN BATTLES THE MOLE MEN.

      Of course, if someone wanted to include the reused Ray Ellis music with the later stuff, one could also assemble EVEN MORE complete versions of some episode scores.

      But as I said, the problem is so much Ray Ellis music still missing... AND, so much KPM and Capitol music missing. We know so little about the Capitol tracks, I'm frankly assuming most of the still-missing stuff may be that. I could be wrong, though. I mean, some of the missing tracks from, say, VINE, are so freakin' WEIRD, I'd have a hard time believing they were recorded in the late 50's, instead of the late 60's.

      All the "Loose / Cadkin" and "Loose / Cookerly" tracks were apparently recorded around 1958 (or was that 1956?). None of these turned up until a couple years ago, in the "Carlin" section of the KPM website (and shortly after they were found, and downloaded-- more or less-- they were removed from the site!!!).

      The "Loose / Cadkin" tracks all seem to be of the "instrumental guitar" / almost "surf" variety-- what I like to call "Peter Parker" music. I'm glad someone else found them-- and more-- IDENTIFIED them. They all sound so much alike, it might have taken me a lot of hours, if not days, to track down WHERE each one was used.

      Similarly, the "Loose / Cookerly" tracks all seem to be of the "crime noir" or "horrror" style. And again, a lot of these ted to run together in my head, no matter how many times I hear them, over and over and over again. I tip my hat to the group members who I.D.'d them for us (and me-- heh).

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