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"Flash Strap"

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  • profh0011
    Another blog ya ll might like, I just downloaded 2 albums by Nino Nardini & Roger Roger .
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 27, 2013
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      Another blog ya'll might like, I just downloaded 2 albums by "Nino Nardini" & "Roger Roger".


      One minor warning: while the MP3s downloaded in a Zip file came up looking good on the computer, and played fine there, when I ran them off to CD, EVERY TRACK wound up with 10-15 seconds of blank space at the end. This is at least the 3rd time I've encountered this strange phenomena online.

      The way to avoid this is, open EACH file in a sound editor, and RE-SAVE them all as WAV files. No problem then!

      Also, ONE of the files was inexplicably saved as a VLC file instead of an MP3. This caused a bit of annoyance. I currently have a VLC player on my computer, BUT, those VLC files will NOT play in Windows Media Player, and DO NOT show up at all in my GOLDWAVE sound editor.

      The way around this, i found, was to PLAY the song in the VLC player, WHILE "recording" it with my TOTAL RECORDER program, in order to save it as a WAV file.

      I tried doing a "CONVERT/SAVE" with the VLC program itself, but this feature, for whatever reason, is an unreliable pain-in-the-ass. It actually did re-save the file, but the resulting file, when I tried to play it, was all distorted. NO problem doing it the other way.

      I suppose, I might be able to "record" it with SOUNDWAVE, but the "input" default I've got it set to is the outside line (from my stereo system / turntable, CD player & tape deck), and it's too damn confusing to change it, then change it back. So it works out that I have 2 different programs, with the "input" default on TOTAL RECORDER set for whatever is coming thru the computer's internal systems already (like streaming media).

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