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Re: KPM 78rpm records and eBay

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  • profh0011
    Bill Webb wrote: Here s some interesting stuff anyone out there with a little extra cash might be interested in. eBay has a whole lot of KPM 78rpms up for
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 20, 2013
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      Bill Webb wrote:
      "Here's some interesting stuff anyone out there with a little extra cash might be interested in. eBay has a whole lot of KPM 78rpms up for grabs right now. They're sold separately and with shipping from England would probably run about $30 apiece."

      "Extra money". Ha ha.

      I guess I caught your attention with my little "thank you", huh? This is why I like to take note of WHO finds stuff.

      You and Chad are also noted on the back of the "1967" disc.

      "One of them appears to be Johnny Pearson's "Power Drive" album. I'm guessing that there are others with Spider Tracks in them as well.
      If I were KPM (and for whatever reason, didn't have these originals any longer) I'd be buying them up to add to the library."

      Wasn't "Power Drive" written in the 60's? Apart from 5-inch "kiddie records" on yellow vinyl, did anyone still make 78's in the 60's?

      I continue to wish we knew more about the CAPITOL Library stuff. From what I read, they went belly-up by the late 60's. As a result, for many years, nobody could use their stuff in new productions. More recently, there was a stretch where anyone wanting to re-issue films that contained Capitol tracks ran into problems, because, WHO would get the royalties? How can anyone deal with this?

      Now, from several different sources, I've read that Carlin / CPM acquired the Capitol library, and are in the process of "remastering and reissueing" them on new comps. The problem is, they're not maintaining the original comps, and, MADDENNINGLY, they're RE-NAMING the tracks. So how the hell is anyone supposed to know what the "real" names of these songs were, or where they first appeared?

      This includes the "Peter Parker" guitar music, "horror" stuff (CLOUD CITY, BLOTTO) and "crime drama" (BLOTTO, TO CAGE A SPIDER). I bet some of that really WEIRD S*** heard in VINE and the like was also Capitol. Otherwise, why wouldn't it have turned up on KPM albums by now?

      Unless it was DEWOLFF... (Exactly ONE Spidey track has been identified as being "DeWolff"... "Tribal Chant". Isn't that nuts?)

      There must have been some overlap between customers for KPM and DeWolff, because MONTY PYTHON famously got most of their music from DeWolff, BUT, let's not forget a number of KPM tracks-- including SPIDEY tracks-- that turned up on MONTY PYTHON. (Most notably "Trap Door", played repeatedly during the "Spanish Inquisition" sketch.)

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