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Re: [spidey-jazz] Spidey DVD released in 2 days ....

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  • Gerald at Shaw
    Hey all, I picked up the 67 Collection set the other day and have spent a few late nights happily previewing my favorite episodes. Couple of notes: 1) Not
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 1, 2004
      Hey all,
      I picked up the "67 Collection" set the other day and have spent a few late nights happily previewing my favorite episodes.  Couple of notes:
      1) Not all episodes have been given the same wonderful treatment as the opening titles (i.e. cleaned up, brighter, vibrant).  Rather, some episodes have simply been reproduced with some sort of cinefilm process (not even digital but rather as though they recorded it off a projector that was running the film on a wall - yuck).  Granted, they probably did not have access to the originals (or higher quality) for certain episodes -- the episodes in question are particularly bad because they've cropped so much of the edges that in certain shots you cannot even see the top of Spidey's head (some 2nd and 3rd season ones).  If I wasn't so glad to simply have the series as a set, I'd be more disappointed.
      2) Music-wise, they've added the title song, sans vocals, in a listenable quality to all of the disc menus.
      3) I get the feeling that this project was rushed and sent out as-is, to make the stores in time for the movie.  Just a guess, but that's the only way to explain the bad quality of the cropped episodes mentioned earlier (they ran out of time/money)  I've seen better quality versions on Teletoon in Canada, even this evening.  Anyone wanna bet that subsequent releases includes the "remaining" episodes in remastered form?
      All in all, I'm happy with my purchase (here at Best Buy in Canada, it even came with a special glossy reprint of the Amazing Spider-Man #3 -- the first appearance of Doc Ock).  I already have the original book, but I'm a sucker for stupid reprints like that.
      Well, now we sit back for a while and see what music news transpires as these episodes are given a fresh listen.  I've already recognized two obvious KPM clips that I previously thought were original for-the-series compositions.
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      Yes - very cool - this excellent trailer makes the series look strangely "better' than it really was.  Check it out here (broadband recommended)
      Hey, anybody actually view this trailer anywhere on tv?  I didn't see it anywhere here in Canada (and I ohly HEARD about the 67 collection 1 day ago - sheesh)
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      Subject: [spidey-jazz] Spidey DVD released in 2 days ....


      Looks cool!


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