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1Whats up with this group?

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  • Chris Want
    Dec 3, 2002
      You might be asking "What's up with the group?"

      Well, my former band Mole City recorded a medley
      of Spider-man music about 4 years ago, and
      in the process we had some exposure to some
      of the authors of the music, as outlined on
      our website:


      Unfortunately, since the passing of our
      bass player Charles and Bob Harris,
      I haven't had much of an involvement
      in the process of obtaining a recording
      of the original Spider-Man cues ... but
      others have mailed me that they have been
      in contact with Ray Ellis, so I thought
      this list might be a good way for
      people to share information about
      the Spidey jazz music we all know and love!

      Now for some spidey news:

      The band 'Volume' (from Winnipeg) released a
      whole CD of Spider-Man cues:


      I have a copy -- it's good stuff!

      Other recent news: there are people out there
      working on restoring and updating the original
      cartoon -- and this includes updating the
      coice track and music (god knows what). You
      can read more here:


      (thanks to Doug for passing this on).


      Anyways, I hope this list becomes a useful
      meeting point for those who are interested
      in the old Spidey music. If you have any additional
      news about the music please feel free to post it

      Chris Want